I have been working a bit more in gouache and oil in the fields…doing the few hay balls still lying around in the fields here and there. The following pieces are only exercises done on site in plein air. I’m working hard at just interpreting, not rendering  the reality, but only the essentials.

…close-up 1

Close-up two was done using only fench ultramarine, white an a touch of black. I’m quite happy with this one…

…close-up 2…

I am finding that I enjoy gouache more and more. I like the touch of it on the paper’s surface and it is creamy enough for me and I can work thick with it or thin in washes. I also particularly like its “flat” two dimensional appearance, which looks very “painterly” to me.

…Bales of hay in gouache…

These two  gouaches were done on a large sheet of light grey laminated paper/carton paper (65x50cm..25.6×19.7″)

I did a small oil as well.. I have to regain my confidence in oil as I lost it completely during an experience a few weeks ago. I’m hesitant, I don’t really know what to do and where to go to on the canvas. But maybe it is a good thing too…maybe something new can be born from this. I hope so.

…bales of hay in oil…

oil on linen, 33×24.5cm (13×9.7″)

6 thoughts on “More oil and gouache studies

  1. Gouache always reminds me of college and I steer clear of it, but I like your results, especially the top one. may have to follow your example and experiment in the summer with them.

  2. Lovely, Ronelle. It still has some flow to it like watercolor. I have done little gouache, usually by just adding white to my watercolors. You make me want to buy some. No idea which brands– I’d want to keep that flowing quality. Just put it on very thin, I suppose?

  3. My friend/neighbor enjoys gouache also..well many forms of media in art..Talented in all forms like you.
    I agree your ultramarine is stunning:)But so is the other.
    I love hay..all rolled up..basking in the sun..We have some here..but my favorites were in Italy.Hands down.
    We didn’t see many in France..where we were..If any..I bet they are like the ones in Italy.Resplendent.

  4. Hi, I think your bales of hay are wonderful. They make for a wonderful series in paintings…like Monet….We drove through some wonderful farm land in Northern Carolina yesterday, and there were many rolled bales of hay sitting in the green pastures. I have always wanted to stop and paint them, but I have to settle for photographs. You mention being frustrated recently with oil painting…your oil painting of bales is very interesting.I like the fact that the bales are not overworked. They look as though every stroke counted! Nothing over worked. That is difficult to do. I always enjoy seeing well done gouache, also…it is a fascinating painting medium. I am surprised more people don’t paint with it. Looking through your sketches, I learn a great deal from your gouache work. ….also your watercolor technique of leaving a lot of white space and very loose…I would like to attempt doing more of that.
    Thank you for dropping by my blog, so unexpected, so nice. I hope you will post more of your pictures of your gallery. It is ever so much fun to find your posts in my email….when your name pops up it reminds me of the wonderful trips I have had to France and the Provence area. Just love it. The best to you.

Tthank you for your visit and comment, II appreciate it!

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