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Architectural sketches

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bretenoux this and that  5122x3436bretenoux this and that  3372x5341bretenoux this and that-001bretnoux la posta red roof in Beaulieufleuriste toulouseLe Pescher Maison 6466x4910Le Pescher 2les volets 3396x4609St Céré aquarellegéraniums à Beaulieu 3395x4817aquarelle - centre ville beaulieu 6018x4216 6018x4216

Le Pescher 1Le Pescher 2les volets 3396x4609géraniums à Beaulieu 3395x4817Provence sketch 5Provence sketch 6Provence sketch 7 Provence sketch 1Provence sketch 3

rooftops of Vayrac rooftops of Vayrac envelope a road through Puy d'Arnac2 3 a road through Puy d'Arnac 2 a road through Puy d'Arnac

beauilieu centre villeold chapel quai albert baillet

_scan10121.jpg _scan10119.jpg

_scan10124.jpg _scan10123.jpg _scan10122.jpg

dsc_0001-10.jpg dsc_0005-7.jpg


2 responses

  1. rheecoy

    i need some interior sketches of a house i’m working as a trainee in a interior fitter company.

    November 25, 2008 at 8:40 am

  2. You are a very talented artist, renovator, chef, and lover of life!
    I love your watercolors and would dearly love a painting of the view from our apartment in Plettenberg Bay which is our holiday home. We live in Australia.
    I can exchange you a few days accommodation there for a painting! Would you be interested?

    January 13, 2012 at 10:17 pm

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