My week in Provence ended far too soon and it went by far too quick. I managed to do a few, not nearly as much as I planned, because typically Ronell, I forgot half of my art stuff at home. I left my very important oil canvases, boards and large watercolor pads by the door to pack them last and that’s where they still were while I as in Provence. Finding an art store proved to be harder than imagined  and so I ended up borrowing two canvas papers from Katherine…can one borrow a paper/canvas…?

To start off with: all of the following are sketches done around Les Couguieux, where we stayed.

…the blue shutters of les couguieux…

watercolor and pen on watercolor paper

…hameau des couguieux

pen and wash on watercolor paper

…the terrace at les couguieux…

pen and wash on watercolor paper

…still life with cups and lemon…

pen and wash on watercolor paper

To follow: landscapes in watercolor and gouache


8 thoughts on “Paintings from Provence

  1. It was wonderful that you could be in Provence, even for a short time, Ronelle. Just as Ingrid says, every one is a beauty. I did not know about your new gallery.

  2. The memories you have stirred up in me bring tears to my eyes..the blue shutters.. YOUR work..

    Thank you… I bet you had a ball..Iwannagotoyournewgallery:)

  3. Phew! I’m so glad not to be the only one to forget things like that!!!!! You made my day, both by narrating this but also and mostly because of your gorgeous paintings!!! I’m glad you enjoyed your week, it shows through your paintings and through your words!

Tthank you for your visit and comment, II appreciate it!

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