Our first outing was to this lovely spot and we planned on all doing gouache. Except for me – I had a real bad hair day and nothing worked that day…Robyn gave me such encouragement and comfort that day…she’s very special. The gouache you see here, was done here in Correze from the little watercolor I did on the spot. It isn’t quite what would normally make me jump in the air from joy, but seeing that it came from an already hesitant little watercolor, I think I  will now yield and validate it as OK.

…vineyard and cherry orchard…

gouache on paper.


…the original watercolor sketch, vineyards and cherry orchard..

…pen and watercolor in sketchbook…

Our first outing all three together and we painted the same spot.  Sarah hadn’t arrived yet, so you can see mine and Robyn’s at the bottom with Katherine’s to the right.(mine in watercolor and the other two in gouache…see them on ‘Four go painting in Provence.‘)

Sarah’s painting of the same spot a few days later is on her post Farm and cherry orchard afternoon.

This was very early…6:30 in the morning. Sunrise. But it actually works more as a sunset painting!

…sunrise, sunset…

watercolor on Fabriano watercolor paper

So I tried again here in my gallery to get a more early morning feel, which wasn’t a success either. But I learned in this process and that is important. I learned a LOT on this very short trip…maybe I will share it later…


watercolor on Fabriano watercolor paper

And to finish off…a sketch of a terrace in the little village Bédoin, while having a diabolo cassis at the  café opposite.

…a terrace in Bédoin…

pencil and watercolor  in sketchbook

To follow: Oil and gouache studies.

7 thoughts on “More paintings from Provence.

  1. You are so kind to share all this ..these with us..i think your at home gouache turned out beautifully.
    All the works are delightful and I can almost FEEL the trip:)

    It looks like joy..

    How’s the Gallery?You are in an adrenaline mode..They are fun..and energizing..

    Tout est beau!!

  2. I agree with the others, your paintings and sketches do make me feel that I have gone along with all of you on this wonderful trip. So vivid. And I thank you, too, for taking us along.

  3. I love the plein air pieces…they have such a feeling of life in them!!! My favorite has to be the one of the window…I think I have a soft spot for them, along with rustic buildings or those in need of a little love. I can just imagine the fun you all had together!!! I am heading to Venice for the summer and I am hoping to get to see Robyn like I did last summer. Wish I could have been with all of you!

Tthank you for your visit and comment, II appreciate it!

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