Yes, I’m off to Provence this coming weekend for a crazy painting time with 3 friends for one of three weeks in total.

...africantapestry is off to provence…

sketch in pen and watercolor

Katherine needs no introduction,; if you don’t know about the role she plays in the virtual art world, then shame on you…go and read about her!! And who doesn’t know Robyn and her biggest fan Dermott(or is he??)…? And about Sarah, well I don’t have to say another word, because a professional painter of her standard doesn’t need any introduction!

So there you are, four nutty women off to Provence to paint….mostly paint…and then also feast on Provencal foods…and wines….drive around….get lost….dance to wild music…chat, chat, and chat….laugh, laugh and laugh(we all four have an overly developed sense 0f humor)…swim….cycle… and eveything else one does in Provence?

We’ll be staying in the Vaucluse home of well known painter of Postcards from Provence, Julian Merrow Smith and his wife Ruth Philips, while they will be in England where Ruth will be playing cello at the Garsington festival.

We even have our own blog, Four go painting in Provence and you’re invited to follow us every step of the way on this trip. and Sarah saw to us having our own logo, which you will see on television and on Oprah…oh no, sorry Oprah isn’t any more…oh, well, we’ll probably just get our own show…

four go painting in provence

…sketch done by Sarah…

Seriously though, we’re planning on doing a lot of painting…all of us will be doing aquarelle, some gouache, some will do oils(I’m one and I know for sure Sarah is another) and then there will be coloured pencils, charcoal, inks and pens. We will of course leave Provence with cases full of sketches, a lot of plein air paintings and drawings well do in the evenings after the dishes. We will also post regularly on Four go painting in Provence to pin down our daily experiences.

So please drop by and please join us and who knows, our fun might lead to you doing the same in Provence next year. I think we might be in Prague next year…or Sicilia…or Marocco…anyhow, we’ll be somewhere! But for now…move over Cezanne, here come the four mad hatters!

12 thoughts on “Africantapestry is off to Provence for a crazy painting experience!

  1. Ronelle, nou is ek lekker jaloers! (Hie~hie, op n mooi manier..) Jy was my inspirasie vir my eerste skildery… 🙂 Ek gaan alles volg op julle blog wat julle gaan doen, kannie wag nie! Geniet elke oomblik…die verf, die kos, die lag en al die ander lawwe dinge wat julle nog gaan doen! Sit sommer baie fotos op van alles hoor!

  2. Too too wonderful… You four will have such fun, together, and maybe even some adventures — which I know we are all waiting to share. I looked up Provence maps and photos and it show so many diversified landscapes to enjoy. I do hope the weather cooperates, but probably Provence in ANY weather is an artist’s joy.

  3. Have a fabulous time. I look forward to reading all about it and seeing all those lovely paintings & drawings the four of you will do.

  4. It will be so, so much fun, wish I were going too, or at least be a fly on the wall – will be watching all your escapades on the blog. Have a wonderful time you four!

  5. What a wonderful idea!!! I love your sketches of the ladies!! lol Too bad you are doing it this month. I will be “on the continent” for July and August staying in Venice. I could have joined you. Have heaps of fun, wine, and painting opportunities!

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