Thankfully there is always an end to yesterday. And to whining. Once I got tired of my own whining about this not working and that not good enough(see the previous post), I had the clarity to see that the only way to change what I don’t like in my art, is to work at it.

..Clementines in charcoal on paper, 43X60cm..

Clementines in charcoal 3116x4317

So here is what I went for:

  1. I worked only charcoal and white conté sticks.
  2. Large format. I will go bigger still, bit for the time being 43x60cm is plenty.
  3. I put the drawing on my easel and work with the whole arm and not the wrist, standing back often to get distance.
  4. No details.
  5. Large and free strokes.
  6. No erasing.
  7. No planning ahead, trusting impulse.
  8. Still worked from life..whatever is around, but no photos.
  9. No direct copying, put marks and lines as I felt and wanted, whether it is correct or not.
  10. Stopped early enough, while I still had the urge to continue.

 I enjoyed this process todayeven though it still has my typical mark making, I feel happy about it. Will continue experimenting.

The paper is bending on the easel as I didn’t add a big enough support behind it, so the colour and focus are not perfect all over the paper.

Clementines in charcoal 2672x3629

Some close ups  below to see the marks and smudges.

Close up 1

Clementines in charcoal 4928x3264

Some of the close-ups actuall make for nice pieces on their the piece of work can be torn or cut into sections and reworked..maybe collaged as part of another work…?

Close up 2

Clementines in charcoal 3264x4928-002

Close up 3

Clementines in charcoal 3264x4928-001

Close up 4

Clementines in charcoal 3264x4928

Stay tuned for loads of work in the next few weeks..and if you feel like joining in..please do so.

à bientôt


11 thoughts on “Clementines in charcoal.

    1. Thank you Gwenniesgardenthe light is actually more the daylight lamp from above, but I do have a little lither corner there. Youre rightlooks like the sun coming in, although, here in France, it is very far from sunny!



      Coin Perdu


      Caf des artistes


  1. I would say you definitely have your ‘mojo’ back! 🙂 I cannot tell you how much I love these! I would buy them from you!
    I have never worked with charcoal. Any tips? Brands? I see tubes of something on your easel. Did you use those too?

  2. I love how charcoal can be smudged and rubbed for different effects. Love your beautiful clementines. It seems fitting at this monochrome time of year 🙂

    1. Susan..there was a time I worked so much in charcoal and loved itgood to be working with it again! Thank you!



      Coin Perdu


      Caf des artistes


  3. Brilliant !!!! I think it was just an off day that made you need to whine ( as you say) and we all have days like that. I’ve never tried charcoal only for lighting the BBQ ….ha! ha!

  4. What I notice immediately is your composition! Same thing for your radishes! How do yo do that? I find composition so difficult! It’s always a matter of chance with me. I can’t seem to plan it!

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