This is my favorite time of sketching.. I love all the ochres and umbers. And on days when the weather is a bit chilly or wet, it is nice to bring in leaves and branches and whatever else I found on walk and fiddle in the studio. I don’t work in my atelier enough and I actually love my atelier! My table is in front of the fireplace, my coffee machine just a further to the fact, the whole barn is my atelier and I am in it for another winter.

..fall leaves..

Both sketches done in pen and aquarelle in Hahnemule watercolor sketchbook, 19X20cm


7 thoughts on “Ochre fall leaves

  1. You are so wonder your art is so beautiful.I took a couple of art classes..2..with Helmut
    Gerth..fall was his fave season to paint also he told us.

  2. Oh, to have your atelier! I would never want to leave. I would hibernate there for the winter. I have always loved your autumn sketches. The only thing I almost love more is seeing your Christmas decorations and hearing about your preparations. I can’t wait each year!!
    Ahhh… live your charmed life…..

  3. These leaves are just so beautiful. I love your watercolour style. I love the fluidity of it, but also the detail of it within that fluidity and freedom. Beautiful!

  4. These are lovely. We don’t have autumn here so I really love how you you not only capture the leaves and their colours, but also the essence of autumn in your sketches.

    Thank you for your follow on my FB page.

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