5 thoughts on “Sweet chestnut sketch

  1. This is lovely…so textural!!! I love the sketches of your geese, and that one of the swaying backsides really made me smile. Keep up the good work.

  2. After falling into a yard full of chestnut burrs – I can say you truly captured the prickly-ness of them!! I was removing thorns from my backside (and my hands, from trying to push myself up!) for days! There must have been hundreds – truly!

    Your sketches are so lively! I always love, love to see that you have posted something new!!!

  3. Thank you everybody!

    @ Joan: Thank you; I’m happy that you said textural..

    @ Dana: Oh goodness, I can imagine that fall and the getting up..no joke! The thorns are so fine, it is like prickly pear; you can feel it, but can’t see it!

    @Cindy: Thank you, I love botanical art and wish I could do proper botanical art, but I don’t have the patience for it.

  4. Love your paintings of the chestnuts. I’ve just been on a walk a come back with a bag full, to do some sketching & painting. It was you who inspired me to start aquarelle painting after seeing your blog & reading about your time in provence.

Tthank you for your visit and comment, II appreciate it!

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