Voilà all the reds from fall,  the last of my autumn colours.

..the palette for all the autumn reds..


..line drawings in pen and aquarelle added last..

18×25.5cm aquarelle arches block, CP


.. wetting the paper, dripped some aqaurelle pigment, leave to dry and finished with pen line drawing..

23×30.5cm aquarelle Fabriano  block, HP


deraing in pan and dripping drops of colour..

18×25.5cm aquarelle arches block, CP


..drawing in pen and aquarelle wash afterwards..

18×25.5cm aquarelle arches block, CP

8 thoughts on “Reds in autumn

  1. Thank you everybody!

    à Artquanch: thank you..

    à Annie:.. good to hear from you..let me know if you want the large format to see and read better then I can send it to you..

    à Sue! thank you, IO had fun doing these and all the others..the colour is very vibrant and it took a while to get used to using only this palette.

    àHigh river arts: Thank you..the bottom one was the foirst one of them all..


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