Bowl with grapes still life.

It is time for the grapes of autumn, my favorite being Muscat. the problem with grapes is that you don’t keep track of how much you eat and before you know it you have devoured bunch after bunch of sugar! That is exactly what happened to me when painting this still life. This little painting is 15×20 cm and is available on my website, Ronell van Wyk

Bowl with grapes,

15x20cm, oil on board

Three still life oil paintings.

Winter is approaching and time will be spent more in the indoor studio than outdoors. It is the perfect time to do still life and interior sketches-and paintings. Neither still life nor interior painting is my strong suit, so my project and goal for this coming winter is including these genres in my everyday painting.

The first little still life I did, wasn’t too bad, even though my strokes were all over the place. But from there on it was downhill all the way, until just suddenly things changed for the better. I started having so muchfun, that I can’t understand why I haven’t done it sooner.

Bowl and eggs.

oil on board, 20×20 cm

bowl with eggs

Bowl and two pears

oil on board, 20×20 cm

bowl with 2 pears

Bowl and black grapes

oil on board, 20×20 cm

bowl with black grapes

à bientôt