I am trying to do a painting a weekagain. Completed this painting today, a rainy day outside and nice and friendly in front of the fire. I can feel I’m rusty working on a painting. Very impatient and hurried. But I am gliding back into working mode again and inspiration is beginning to open its eyelids, albeit slowly.

Oil on canvas, 30x 25cm

13 thoughts on “Painting: carrots in oil

  1. Sounds like a lovely way to spend a rainy day. This is nice, not quite that light loose touch that I see in your watercolors but I think it’s the difference in the mediums…this has the look of a cold rainy day…isn’t that funny…

  2. Love that title Ronell. At first I thought we were getting a recipe of carrots cooked in oil 🙂 But this is better, bright beautiful colors! And ol no less.

  3. Clever title – I expected to see them there carrots frying in a pan!!! Whats the connection to food of late??? Good to see you working in this medium – it has a unique style.

  4. I love it when you get your oils out, Ronell. This is a bouquet of sensory excitement and I love the way you’ve used the complementary colours to entice my eye around the composition.

    One a week is something to look forward to.

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