Statistics show more and more that creativity can be one of Alzheimers’s biggest enemies. And I’ve also read that the more confused a person is, the more creative he/she is. I’m in one huge slump…again. And very confused. Which means I’m very creative. Which also means I might just escape Alzheimers… But then I’ve also read that vitamin E may be linked to lung cancer if taken in too high dosages, but we take vitamin E for its anti oxidant properties? So, I’m simply confused. And still in a slump. With not a creative link in sight.

Because I do want to fight off Alzheimers, I did try to do something creative; tried it food wise, stay away from art for a while, but the urge was too strong and I did move over from the knife to the brush, and it seems I did to the paper with my brush what I did to the kiwi with the knife… See the result on the plate if you’re interested in a more optimistic view on creativity.



22 thoughts on “Sketching a kiwi salad…with confusing creativity.

  1. Speaking of confusion. I thought that I was at Laura’s site. Which is a huge compliment as she, in my eyes is the queen of lushiousness. So there you have it Princess! I LOVE YOUR STYLE!

  2. It is beautifully done Ronell. I found your comments about Alzheimers interesting because they are all familiar to me. I went through the Vit E and then quit when I heard of the liver problems. Now I just concentrate on keeping my mental stuff busy.

  3. Oh I love the colors on this! It’s beautiful, Ronell – no signs of Alzheimer’s at all.
    So, do you hate me for giving you that book to read??

  4. Hmmm…perhaps I’m confused, because looking at this drawing it is really, really hard for me to reconcile the fact that you are in a creative slump! This is beautiful as is the result on the plate too!

  5. Oh Wow, juicy!! simply luscious Ronell, if this is a slump, I am a lump! Great vivid composition!!! Now I will go check out the recipe page!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful colors. I, too, have to go along with Suzanne. Looks like you are pretty creative to me. Your recipe looks wonderful and the finished salad was beautiful.

  7. Join the confused slump clump – though you are obviously working through it in a very creative way – gorgeous sploshy sketch and wonderful looking food on French Kitchen. You are inspiring even in a slump!

  8. Yum! I might just be over for lunch!

    Creative slump? Looks like nobody believes you, Ronell. Beautiful juicy painting.

    I’m hoping the combination of art and language study is keeping my brain trim because, goodness knows, nothing else is trim after winter. 😉

  9. Striking composition and colour! I find that a person can always paint their way through a slump, sometimes it takes some time but sooner or later you get back in your groove. Still, for someone in a slump you are producing some lively and creative sketches.

  10. Interesting note on Alzheimers, one more reason to push myself to the paint pad…Your painting looks so light and loose, it is hard to imagine a “slump” going on. The salad looks wonderful too, wish I could eat kiwi, makes my throat feel like the kiwi skin…

  11. It’s so free and loose …AND most importantly it looks like you had FUN painting it… and isn’t that what it’s all really about.

  12. That Alzheimer thing – is it a topic for everyone who reaches 40, 50, 60+ years of age? I had a conversation with friends about new brain research at a dinner last week. Seems it’s not enough to do things like crossword puzzles, reading etc. to stave off Alzheimer’s. In order to grow (maintain?) healthy neural pathways one must undertake NEW activities, like learning to play a musical instrument, or speaking a new language. But I’m sure creating fabulous new recipes must count, too. And anyway, if we wait (live) long enough the research and theories will no doubt change.

    Always a treat to see another of your lovely, bright, splashy paintings, Ronell.

  13. Beautiful, Ronell! – And you’re not the only one who is confused!- Recently, I read that someone stated that milk is bad for health. Ohters say that it is very good for health. Whom should I believe?- And I read that – if you take vitamins- you shouldn’t take them together with minerals like Calcium or Magnesium; always separately…And..and…and…I think, there is no unoque recipe to stay healthy, what benefits one is harmful to another…
    Kind regards and happy painting and cooking!

  14. I’m sorry to hear you’re in a slump. I was there for several weeks myself and I know how painful it is (I typed “paintful” by accident) while you’re in it. Everyone kept telling me it always happens before the next big leap and they were right.

    This painting is absolutely stunning, one of your very best — vibrant, beautifully composed, and full of feeling. Perhaps all your confusion and frustration and anger and whatever else just splashed onto the page, making it so much more than just a pretty picture.

  15. Great sketch, you really captured it. My mom is 84 and getting forgetful. She couldn’t remember what a kiwi was. Should have just shown her your painting.

  16. Wow, I’d never think of mixing qiwis with crabs (with avocatos, yes), but they do look tasty. As does your sketch, I love your food watercolours.

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