Bowl with grapes still life.

It is time for the grapes of autumn, my favorite being Muscat. the problem with grapes is that you don’t keep track of how much you eat and before you know it you have devoured bunch after bunch of sugar! That is exactly what happened to me when painting this still life. This little painting is 15×20 cm and is available on my website, Ronell van Wyk

Bowl with grapes,

15x20cm, oil on board

Copper in watercolour.

Every year I paint my paintbrushes intheir copper containers and every year I say the same thing: that I want to replace the copper bowls with stoneware containers, simply because the copper is too high maintenance.But once the copper is cleaned and buffed, I succumb before their splendour and so the paintbrushes stay in copper containes yet another year.

This second sketch was done in 2016, also of my copper containers.