My artist friend Sarah visited and we visited les jardins Marquessac.I am totally inspired to finish my garden here at Coin Perdu, not to mention painting! I worked in different sketchbooks and I am considering going back to Moleskine, all three sizes.

..a sketch done in Beaulieu while waiting for my physiotherapy appointment..

pencil, pilot prera pen and aquarelle in LANA watercolour sketchbook, 14x22cm(this is a lovely sketchbook with 300g paper, 25 pages and a great size, with the only drawback being the spiral back.)

Beaulieu house0001..a sketch of a street in Beaulieu..

watercolour in Daler & Rowney Ebony sketchbook, 14.9X21 cm(this paper still buckles a lot with washes, but it is not too disturbing. I like the hardback so it makes working across 2 pages quite easy.)

Beaulieu0001..the marketplace in St Céré..

watercolour and prera pen in Daler & Rowney graduate sketchbook,22X14.9cm(this is suitable only for drawing…a nightmare for washes..but it was all I had in my bag.)

St Cere..Jardins Marquessac..

watercolour and prera pen in Daler & Rowney Ebony sketchbook, 14.9X21 cm

jardin Marqueyssac sketchà bientôt


4 thoughts on “Sketches from Beaulieu and Les Jardins Marquessac.

  1. Fun to see your work on different sketchbook papers, Ronelle. What is it you like about Moleskine, in particular– the way it takes the sketching and washes? And what is this prera pen? It makes a variety of lines?

    1. Hi annie

      I like the paper, it can handle a good amount of washes, it has a nice “tooth” for both watercolour and pencil/pen. The format is great too, especially for stretched landscape/urban/water scenes.
      The pilot prera pen is a fountain pen that I refill with De Atramentis ink for fountain pens. I use a fine point for my watercolour sketches. It just works great. I hate havingto scratch on a piece of paper to get a fountain pen to start writing and the Prera writes first time every time.

Tthank you for your visit and comment, II appreciate it!

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