With this second attempt at an aquarelle still life, I didn’t  to set it up the still life. I only painted what was in front of me, which was my copper pots filled with brushes and other art stuff. I moved the objects a little to avoid “kissing” and to bring them a little closer. the apple that rolled to the side, was left as it found its place and I was very chuffed with it!It might be overcrowded for some, but I rather like the idea…in any case  more than a composed and deliberate still life. Maybe it is a mirror of my life…anything BUT composed and deliberate!

… stil life with copper pots…

..in watercolor and graphite on Fabriano paper  CP 30.5×45.5cm…

…and a close up of my strokes and layers. I still feel I overworked it and could’ve let go of the brush much sooner..

7 thoughts on “Still life with copper pots.

  1. Although I’m not a lover of still life I liked those ones particularly because they are done with watercolours.

    Ronnel, I’ve being had a lot of trouble to open your page and comment that’s why you haven’t seen me over here for a long time: I dont’t know if your page is to big I mean to crowded of images but only today and waiting a lot could I see your last work and you know I love it.


  2. I fnid the more normal set ups uninteresting – I like more natural arrangements like this and the crop works beautifully – maybe some in the series that you crop this tightly??? You know I like the freedom and verve with which you paint :>)

  3. I love that tight crop too, Ronelle. Agree that there is so much charm and vitality in the easy way you have with a brush. Well you make it look easy 🙂
    I had quite a long wait too for your blog to open. Maybe it’s WordPress generally.

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