February was a busy month and I didsn’t get around to doing much art. I did succeed on doing a garden sketch and a drawing of Tartelette ad Omelette,  on a reasonably nice February afternoon.

I feel happy with the drawing, which was first done as a sketch and then developed further into a drawing. The cloches were done afterwards, rather lazily and not much effort or desire went into this sketch.

…Tartelette et Omelette…

…sanguine and charcoal drawing on paper, 24×20 cm…

..Two garden cloches…

…charcoal sketch on paper, 24x20cm…

11 thoughts on “Garden sketches from February

  1. The chickens look so soft, clucky and busy – a wonderful drawing. And the cloches look so hard and glassy! What are they for, to protect from frost, or like a little greenhouse?

  2. Tes deux cloches sont super! … en revanche, je ne suis pas fan de poule du tout (mais ça, c’est perso), mais j’avoue qu’elles sont super bien rendues!

  3. I thought I had left a comment, already, Ronell–must have dreamed it. The chickens are such fun and I love their names.


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