Our first round of postcards in February have all been received and we’re on to MArch.

This is my card I sent off to Albrecht.

… a view  across the Loire…

…a view on our town, Montlouis sur Loire…

I’m also showing an album of all our postcards received in February. You can see and read about each card individually on A postcard from my walk.

11 thoughts on “My postcard to Albrecht in February

  1. I just love your sketches of your area of France…they have such feeling. Thanks for posting the slideshow of all the postcards. That was such a fun way to view all of them. Wonderful work by all of you!

  2. Your postcards are beautiful!! I love the way you see and show France! It sounds so exotic ;-))
    Thanks for showing the others’ postcards as well! The project seem to be thriving! I’ll go and have a look at the blog!

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