February was a busy month and I didsn’t get around to doing much art. I did succeed on doing a garden sketch and a drawing of Tartelette ad Omelette,  on a reasonably nice February afternoon.

I feel happy with the drawing, which was first done as a sketch and then developed further into a drawing. The cloches were done afterwards, rather lazily and not much effort or desire went into this sketch.

…Tartelette et Omelette…

…sanguine and charcoal drawing on paper, 24×20 cm…

..Two garden cloches…

…charcoal sketch on paper, 24x20cm…

11 thoughts on “Garden sketches from February

  1. The chickens look so soft, clucky and busy – a wonderful drawing. And the cloches look so hard and glassy! What are they for, to protect from frost, or like a little greenhouse?

  2. The sketches of Tartelette and Omelette are just great. You’ve caught the attitudes perfectly. I’m admiring the way you’ve achieved the texture of the feathers.

  3. Love the sketch of the chickens!!! They look so natural and the color is perfect for them. Hope you get to sketch a bit more this month.

  4. Tes deux cloches sont super! … en revanche, je ne suis pas fan de poule du tout (mais ça, c’est perso), mais j’avoue qu’elles sont super bien rendues!

  5. I thought I had left a comment, already, Ronell–must have dreamed it. The chickens are such fun and I love their names.


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