We were in Singapore for a few days recently and apart from devouring sushi, morning noon and night, I managed to pack in a few sketches. I found the climate very tiring for walking and sketching…heavy, hot and humid! But for the rest, I enjoyed every bit of the trip(except the flight there and back of course, but that is only becasue I hate flying by default).

Singapore is rich in culture and history, two things that I thoroughly enjoy. Discovering cultures different than mine and learning about their history truly enriches me. I feel fortunate to have been able to learn a bit more of Singapore…next on my list is Japan towards the end of the year, depending on the circumstances. We were in Singapore when Japan was hit recently and I sadly witnessed many people cry for family they’ve lost or haven’t heard of back in Japan.

Read more about the history of singapore here.

You can see  some photos of the trip here at Sushi..and Singapore.

Or here inTravels at Myfrenchkitchen.

Or on Facebook.

Masjid sultan

Pen and watercolor in watercolor sketchbook, 15.5×35 cm

…on the esplanade…

pencil and watercolor in watercolor sketchbook, 15.5×35 cm.

.. Lin bo Seng memorial and old supreme court…

pencil and watercolor in watercolor sketchbook, 15.5x35cm

…Indian cricket club…

pen and watercolor in watercolor sketchbook, 15,5×35 cm.

…scene in chinatown…

Pen and watercolor in watercolor sketchbook, 15.5x35cm.

…people sketches…

Pen and watercolor in watecolors sketchbook, 19x20cm

…buddha tooth relic temple in chinatown…

pencil and watercolor in watercolor sketcjbook, 15.5x35cm.

…Science museum…

pen and watercolor in watecolor skechbook, 19x20cm

14 thoughts on “Singapore sketches.

  1. It’s interesting to see Singapore through your eyes. I like knowing more about the history of the places I visit, too. I’ve been to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Bangkok but not Singapore which I understand is the cleanest city in the world with it’s prohibitions on spitting and littering and even gum chewing!

  2. Oh my gosh.. just beautiful..even the modern museum..you captured the shapes.. curves..slopes..!
    I love all the sketches..the people are so interesting too..
    You are blessed with such a gift!

    Thank you for sharing..
    You would love my friend Nancy.

  3. Beautiful and true, thank you for sharing…
    I am curious…what on earth happens at or is a buddha tooth relic …..
    so glad you got to visit Singapore.
    xo Col ~ Afrique du Sud

  4. Don’t know how I missed these, thought there was just the one at the top – terrific sketches Ronell! You’ve caught so much atmosphere and colour in your wonderful wash and linework. Lovely Singapore!

  5. Wonderful travel sketches!!! I particularly love the one of the market and the temple. Like you, I just love traveling and absorbing a bit of the foreign culture.

Tthank you for your visit and comment, II appreciate it!

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