I had a great drawing afternoon with Casey yesterday. It was the first drawing I’ve done in a very long time and Casey said the same for her. As you’ll see over at Casey’s, her drawing is beautiful, as usual.  She has always been so good at drawing. Our first afternoon of drawing years ago was a bowl of eggs in her dining room…maybe we should dig those up one day…

Because she is so quick at drawing and sketching, I set up two subjects to keep her busy for the afternoon, but helas, Casey enjoys talking just as much as drawing…, so you’ll see my attempt here and hers will be the other set up.

…effort number 1…

The first drawing is the one I did yesterday afternoon and I really struggled. The minute I take a drawing tool like a pencil or charcoal in my hand, I tighten up and it turns out a compact, heavy little business. So last night I attempted another one, number two. Unfortunately we’ve had the figs for dinner, so the set up is a little different and my angle changed a little too. This drawing is probably messy and sloppy and quirky, but I’m much happier. Still not what I’m after, but at least it has less “rendering” and more movement and energy. (And yes, the trophy at the back is quite skew, it is bent at the bottom)

…effort number 2…

Both drawings done on in charcoal on drawing block, 50x35cm(19,6×13.7″)

*I’ve once realized how important it is to draw regularly and how different drawing actually is from sketching. Or maybe it isn’t so different after all. If I have to sketch this same scene, it probably wouldn’t look that different!

I’ve also realized the importance of knowing the tools you’re using. I felt very insecure with this charcoal in my hand yesterday, didn’t know where to start, finally started off way too dark, worked with a tight little wrist, smearing all over until everything was one grey value. So, “draw Ronell, draw!”

17 thoughts on “Afternoon doing drawing

  1. The second one is even more charming than the first! I absolutely stand by what I said yesterday, your artistic personality really comes through in your drawings. Something about these really says “Ronell!”

  2. Facinating, your posts are always so thoughtful and well demonstrated! I am Tight, Tight, Tight, not sure what would happen if I tried to loosen.

  3. Charcoal is messy but beautiful. Love your drawings!

    Somehow drawing is not like riding a bicycle. You can’t pick up where you left off. You have to stay in practice plus continue to progress.

  4. I understand completely your tightening-up feeling! I can’t draw and feel much happier with quick sketchy things. You second attempt is lovely!

  5. I have a big smile on my face…Your artwork just makes me so happy!! the movement and energy in #2 is just wonderful. draw-sketch…. whatever! just DO it!

  6. How lovely to have a drawing afternoon with Casey – I love the second ‘messier’ drawing, but the top one is well done too – some Ronell marks happening in the shadows… it’s been years since I held charcoal and tried a real drawing!

  7. Ronell, sometimes we become so familiar with our medium that switching over to a new one often causes us to feel like we don’t know what we are doing with our hands. Practice will take care of that.

  8. Yes, they are both Ronells – and they both delight me. The first one may have felt tight, but it certainly doesn’t look it. I do hope these drawing sessions with Casey are going to become a regular event again.

  9. Yes, they are both Ronells – and they both delight me. The first one may have felt tight, but it certainly doesn’t look it. I do hope these drawing sessions with Casey are going to become a regular event again.

  10. Hi Ronell,
    I’ve been thinking about your post and the difference between ‘drawing’ and ‘sketching’. I’m not sure that there is a difference either. I love ‘sketchy’ drawings, because lively marks and suggested form make for an interesting drawing in my view. So I do prefer your second drawing, because it is more sketchy. Make any sense? 🙂

  11. both drawings are very nice! I like the first one best. I think it’s good to struggle with art. The struggle shows up in an energetic way….

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