I came home this afternoon from a wonderful Rigoletto in the Opera Bastille last night, in time to splash some autumn impressions on paper. I just painted some colours onto paper as I saw the colours of the leaves and rose hips and and afterwards added some suggestive linework with 2.5 rotring pen. I think I’ll explore more autumn colours in the days to come, before winter takes over.

All done on Fabriano CP block, 18x25cm. Watercolour and pen.

28 thoughts on “Autumn impressions

  1. Ahh! My favourite season, in the regions of distinct seasons. My “pick” is the hips.
    Just back from a NZ spring, I will have to splash my paint from photos and memories!

  2. You are giving all of us a wonderful autumn day, Ronell.
    My favorite time of year, too, with spring next. Thanks
    for taking us along on your walks.

  3. Gorgeous autumn colours – love that deep red! You almost make me wish autumn was coming round here again, but we’re enjoying a lovely long mild spring – sometimes it only lasts a week before summer strikes with a vengeance!

  4. Beautiful and loose, Ronell! Yes, autumn- isn’t is wonderful with its orange and yellow leaves, the crisp air, the blue sky?-I could paint all day long – (I can’t, have to go to the office…)

  5. Ronell, you have definitely captured the colors and energy of autumn! I love the deep reds in the first painting and just everything about the rose hips. Your paintings always look like you had so much fun creating them. It makes them fun to view too.

  6. I love it when you start splashing colour around, Ronell that first picture particularly, swept me up in the joy of Autumn. I noticed the first change of colour here yesterday and the leaves of the lime trees are falling like confetti along the road. Next thing, I’ll be craving hot chocolate.

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