1. We started again with our figure classes last night. We had only one long pose and the goal was to make a “nice” drawing, with only pencil and hatching.

I used pencil 2B and 6B on large format paper, 42×59,4 cm (16,5×23,4″).

2. A previous class: This second drawing was extremely difficult, but it sure openend up the mind. The model would move forward into another position, while one “axe” remained in the previous position. It was sort of like motion drawing. Hard, hard, hard! I consumed a whole baguette when I got home after this class…

Graphite and sanguine on paper, large format

3. A previous class: The slim model with the dog that we’ve had on previous occasions and he lost even more weight, making it very hard to see something to draw.

Graphite on paper, large format

4. A portrait of the model and his dog. I did this when we had 5 minutes left of class. Graphite on paper, large format

5. This is the same model as the first pencil drawing, but on a different occasion where we did a draining million(well almost) quick sketches for two hours. And again I consumed a whole baguette afterwards..

Charcoal on paper, large format.

11 thoughts on “Figure drawings

  1. Well your nice drawing certainly is! Very beautiful. I also like the impact of no 2. Looks like you have a really good class.

  2. The legs and stomach on the first drawing are especially beautifully done – and that’s an interesting exercise with the axis. Good to have new challenges thrown at you in life drawing, you deserve those baguettes! Lovely drawings, Ronell

  3. Yes, the top one is “nice” and then some! Beautiful. And the axis exercise sound like a good one. I think you did a great job, Ronell. (I love that the French way to binge on food is to eat a whole baguette!)

  4. These are just beautiful. I really like the ribcage area on the first drawing ( I tend to focus in little areas of drawings). You got the shadows just right.

    And thank you for your kind words on Zoe. She’s in a better place, I know that.

  5. I like the idea of a baguette to help us over things that are hard. Is it ok to have a little brie and butter with it as well?

    Great drawings ~

  6. I’m coming back when I have a bit more time to look at all of these sketches – they deserve more time. I’m off to have a baguette with my pasta!

  7. Joy! One long pose! And you did a beautiful job with it too – very nice work, Ronell!
    I really like your shorter poses too.

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