33 thoughts on “Let your hands do the talking

  1. Ronell! These are FABULOUS!!! I just LOVE the wash in them — and the gestures — incredible!!! BRAVA, mia cara!! These are really so so well done!

  2. Talk about “kicking it up a notch!” You’ve taken the common sketch exercise of drawing our hand and given it a whole new dimension — these are FANTASTIC!!

  3. These are terrific, Ronell! The drawings are even more expressive than the gestures! I wouldn’t have imagined I could enjoy your work so much without the juicy colour I’m used to seeing in it, but your recent sepia/coffee sketches are top notch.

  4. Yes, good hand espressions, especially those of a woman – and add in a certain “eye” contact and you have spoken volumes – GREAT hand sketches and the washes bring it Home!! And through it all, you have remained a Lady

  5. I am loving your body drawings – your life drawings are wonderful too. BTW I turned off the “related posts” feature of wordpress too – so annoying for carefully crafted blogs.

  6. Fabulous hands, Ronell – can see also in your self-portraits on the right, they play a big part in expressing yourself!

  7. Most expressive – love the use of sepia type ink. Must comment on the ironing humerous cartoons – really made me laugh as I never iron anything unless I have to – just smooth after grabbing out of the tumble drier!! .. unfortunately summer is on the way and I have cotton clothes which will need some effort on my part to look decent. Like the sponteneity of your work.

  8. These are wonderful Ronell! I don’t think in the US we use many hand gestures (except explicit ones). I love the ink washes. We will begin ink next week in figure class, I’m so excited about that! I have begun playing with Walnut Ink…I like it!

  9. Hi Ronell

    I think I have used a few of these gestures quite often at some point in the last few months.
    As you know I love hand sketches, and these wonderful.

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