Between the tissues and Fervex and Strepsils and Tokala and Aiyani, I did manage to find a spot for my watercolour palette. These are two vegetables our house is never without. Actually, that is almost all there is , except for some cheese and a drop of milk in the fridge…I’m alone for the week, so it comes down to cereal for dinner tonight.

Pencil and watercolour on Fabriano artistico HP, 23×30,5cm


32 thoughts on “Onions and garlic

  1. Hey, I am alone for the rest of the week and plan on cereal too – come on over 🙂

    Lovely sketch, it amazes me how talented artists can depict items to look much better than reality. Good enough to eat!

  2. Well, I’m alone for the night..sigh…I made a pizza! But now the cereal is sounding tempting….humm… I love the reds, but isn’t it amazing how white isn’t white? Look at the lovely hues you’ve got going in that garlic!!! Beautiful!!!

  3. Oh get better soon! Garlic is good for a cold, and I am sure onions are too. Love the watercolour, and coincidentally I am making garlic oil tonight.

  4. Now if I were alone I would probaby put three or four of those beautiful bulbs of garlic in the oven until the were soft and squishy and then advise everyone to stay away for at least three or four days!

    Sorry to hear you are unwell, Ronell – the garlic is the cure for that as well! Beautiful watercolours!

  5. Sounds like you need someone to bring you some chicken soup! Hope you get better very soon – lovely sketch, I love the way they tie them up in bundles.

  6. Even when you don’t feel well your paintings are delightful! Your washy puddles come together and amaze me. (And I thought cereal for dinner was an American thing!!)

  7. I so admire your passion and commitment……you always inspire. Beautiful painting and the drawing is wonderful….Hope you feel better soon! D.

  8. You make something so simple, look so beautiful….Hope you are well enough to enjoy your time alone, also hope it passes quickly.

  9. Oh hon, feel better soon!!! Depite all that going on, your work is still fresh, vibrant, filled with energy and lush, painterly color — GORGEOUS, Ronell, simply OUTSTANDING!! And to think you do this even when not feeling your best!! Awesome!

  10. what a lot of beautiful work you’ve done since last I visited – I especially love the cape town shacks – so higgelty piggelty and the wires make it look so lived in.

  11. Onions, Garlic and Olive oil – the stuff of life.

    I’d love to do a portrait exchange with you, if you’re still up for it.

  12. Onions and garlic are staples in this house too. I can’t imagine cooking a meal without them. So sorry that you aren’t well, Ronell……I hope you feel better very soon.

    As for your watercolour sketch…….superb!

  13. Thank goodness your kitchen contains garlic the cold’s greatest enemy. Your sketch is delightful Ronell.
    I’m currently enjoying “Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant” a collection of short stories which I’m sure you would really enjoy if you ever come across a copy. Perhaps you could illustrate it!

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