The traditional Fête des plantes is held at the château de la Bourdaisière here in Montlouis every year over the Easter weekend. We went on Sunday, I dragged my head cold body along, since I wanted to do drawing and didn’t want to wait another year.. As I was sketching some scenes, a man approached me and asked if he could have a look at my work. We started talking, and he turned out to be from France 3 television. So, on Sunday night “moi” appeared briefly on France 3 in a reportage about the festival, showing me sketching along…. the short time my sketching was being filmed, the thing I was worried about most, was whether I  had any stains on my sleeve!

All sketches in rotring pen(.35)  and watercolour in sketchbook 19x25cm.





17 thoughts on “Sketching at the Plant festival

  1. Well we know you as a STAR among EDMers but now you are a STAR on the small screen! How fun and what a blast to have viewed on TV – maybe on You Tube?? Wonderfull sketches as always, and Get Well Soon!

  2. Lovely and lively sketches, as usual!! Gorgeous and juicy colors — your work always cheers me and makes me feel as if I’ve been on a little holiday. How FUN to be on the local news — and you were worried about a stain on your sleeve – LOL!!

  3. These are absolutely wonderful paintings – so expressive and alive (no sign at all that you had a head cold!). Wish I could have seen you on TV… it’s funny what we worry about… I think I would have been terrified that I’d make a horrible mess of my sketches while being filmed!

  4. I feel for you, out there painting, with your bad cold! ( I hope you didn’t get it from me, though the timing seems likely.)
    These are very sparkly and effervescent and, like the others, I marvel at how you did it while feeling under the weather.

  5. Well SOMEBODY should have taped it and gotten it on youtube for all of us to enjoy and brag about it! All of these and the past few postings sketching is lovely and great to see you in a productive period…..ah, spring….it does it’s magic on all of us doesn’t it? Somethng I noticing in your work lately: the compositions. I am not sure if it’s because its something I am struggling with or if it’s just that they seem stronger to me of late. I especially like the first and last sketches here. The first I suspect a more difficult composition yet you did it quite successful! So much information in such few strokes….WOW!!!
    Now, I better get off the computer and finish up my assignments as they are due this morning!!!!!! Je t’embrasse

  6. You are funny! That would be the last thing I’d be thinking about! I think it’s great that they did a spot with you…Love the paintings…

  7. wonderful paintings. I love the first one with all the tents—
    I’m with mARTa–I wish you’d have a copy of your TV moment to put on youtube!

  8. I agree it is a shame we aren’t all able to see your television appearance, Ronell. The combination of garden and artist is a winning one so I’m sure the cameraman was delighted to find you there.

    You captured so much in one sitting and such gorgeous colour and line. I particularly love the last montage.

  9. Hmmm…thought I left a message yesterday, but it seems to have disappeared into the ether.

    Congratulations Ronell for your TV spot!! Your sketches are beautiful, so I’m not surprised people are noticing. And a second congratulations for getting out there and doing your art even when you weren’t feeling well. If you had stayed home until next year you might have missed this opportunity for celebrity. 🙂

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