We are eating again. It is tradition here in early January. Galette des rois, literally cake of kings.. It is eaten as the twelth night cake. I got the féve (lucky charm) in my slice, so the crown that accompanies the cake, belongs to me. I am queen. And I have chosen my king. And I have to buy the next cake.Traditionally the youngest member around the table has to direct to whom each slice has to go, but since we were only two (and I’m the youngest), I just simply divided the cake in two(!!). Read more about the tradition of Galette des Rois. Different regions have different cakes. Towards the South it is more a brioche with a sugar topping and towards the north it is puff pastry with an almond paste filling. Now we are REALLY done with eating.

Watercolour and ink in moleskine.


11 thoughts on “La galette des rois

  1. The cake looked really delicious! Congratulations on being the Queen, I wish I can see you with your crown. I can’t stop giggling over Brenda’s comment.

  2. So the Queen has her cake and eats it too! I’m alone for several days, if I make such a cake I would have to eat it all by myself…hummm that would guarantee me Queen wouldn’t it? Lovely painting!

  3. We always do a King’s cake for Mardi Gras – such fun. Yours looks delicious – LOVE those rich colors. Beautiful!

  4. Lucky you, you got the fève!
    Gosh it’s one of the things i miss about France. Your painting makes the galette instantly recognizable. Like Casey, i can almost taste the frangipane!

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