I stalked Tokala and Aiyani today with  my new Rotring art pen, water and petit gris brush, and moleskine. I do enjoy the ease with which the pen bleeds, which caused me to be a little overzealous with the washes.





23 thoughts on “Let the cat out of the bag

  1. For someone like me who is terrified of cats I sure enjoy your and Casey’s cat sketches. These really capture the mood of the fee-lions. I dont think you overdid the washes at all.!

  2. Gosh…they just look so cuddly. Love the wash and the places where your paint pools up and darkens…..I’m sure there is probably a term for this, but I’m not sure what it is!

  3. thanks everybody!
    shirley: le petiti gris is a point wash quil, made form squirel hair(Arches). It holds lots of water and at the same time has a fine point so you can almost draw a line with it. and it is simply a beautiful brush, it gives me a great kick to hold it!

  4. What a sweet grouping of wonderfully done sketches!! Adorable kittie too! So how do you like the pen? Seems to work well for you — I love the washes!

  5. It strikes me that these cats have an extremely good life – it’s just something about them. Lovely sketches, the washes work beautifully, Ronell. Does you pen have a very fine nib?

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