I don’t have resolutions. Nor do I have goals. Many moods, but no goals. And a lot of things to do, which could probably be seen as goals. But my list of things to do comes straight down to my current mood when making the list and so, goals are ruled out. Except for the end-of-week goal, or anti-procrastinating-bill-paying goals.

Here is my list which needs checking off as soon as posible, before the wind of moods changes direction.

First and foremost, I have to reach the tighter hole in my belt before the end of January, for after that I can give it up for a bad job.


My purse is to be ball-and-chained. The only time it can be opened, is when some cash needs to find its way in, which isn’t very likely, so the key will be safely deposited at the bank. Question is, can I trust the bank?


Because of the very uncharacteristic availability of cookies in this house recently (the result of having a foodblog!) my consumption of coffee needs to be speedily reduced by two cups a day. The empty cookie jars is a sad sight, so maybe this one is easy…


I won’t bore you with the rest of my “to do list”.

But I do have one resolution actually. Or rather, more of an attitude change. Every year something or someone crosses my path to bring it along. Just recently we spent an evening with a Peruvian family of seven brothers and sisters, with their families, all together for Christmas (here in France). I learnt something from them that evening(apart from their exuberant passion) and especially from my friend Letitia and I decided it would be my perspective as well from now on. I have never heard Letitia passing judgement on anybody. She sees no reason to voice a negative opinion about anyone, whoever it may be and under whatever circumstance. That is an example I want to follow.

Sort of in this spirit of being positive and promoting all that is good and uplifting, I’d like to introduce you to some new artists I came upon whose art is beautiful. I was actually tagged by Cindy(see below), but since I’ve done a tagging just a while ago and instead of tagging 5 other people I want to show some work of artists, which I think we’ll all enjoy more! Have a look at these artists’ work, much to appreciate and much to learn. I’ve copied a painting of each of them underneath their names to wet your appetites, so you can click on either one which will link you to their blogs.

Cindy Revell, who does lovely food paintings!

Christopher Stott,  whose beautiful work I found through Cindy.

D Prizzi, who also does the most beatiful food art and literally had my mouth watering, just seeing this berry tart!

Sandra, with her radiant, yet gentle watercolours AND recipes alongside.

Jerry Lobo, who gives great practical advice with his beautiful loose paintings, which can be applied to any medium.

21 thoughts on “Things to do

  1. I’m STILL laughing!!! You are so funny and this is SOOOOO true. Ball and chain the wallet!!!!
    Your illios are a stitch. Especially the forlorn cups.
    Happy New Year Ronnell. I ‘m going now to visit the sites you recommende. Thanks.

  2. You are a treat! I’m still wandering around saying, I haven’t written my 2008 plan yet, or set any goals. Then I mutter: I hate plans – I never set goals! I’m more into manifestation – if I believe it, it will happen. But I don’t want to test this theory too hard because it has been very useful for finding parking places in the past, so I don’t want to risk seeing myself hung in a major gallery because if it doesn’t happen I’ll lose faith in manifestation and therefore never be able to find a parking spot again.
    So now you know what a comfort you are to me, Ronell by not setting a formal plan; by continuing to paint delicious, witty pictures; and reminding me of my mother’s advice that if I can’t say something nice about someone, not to say anything at all.

  3. Happy New Year Ronell, and thank you so much for these amazing links.
    I already see you as someone who never says anything negative or mean about anyone. I really don’t see how much nicer you can be!
    I wish you a wonderful 2008 – I hope to see a lot of you, and I’m really looking forward to watching your art develop even more. I feel privileged to have you as a friend and ‘art buddy’.

  4. oh my friend! Me too! No goals other than to hope I wake up everyday of 2008 in good health and with those I love nearby! I do hope to continue on the path of creativity and who knows where it might lead me this year. This past year was wonderfully creative and inspiring for me; mostly due to the support of new friends like you. And of course a highlight being getting to meet you in my favorite city and what an adventurous day we 3 had! Maybe we should have that as a goal; to continue to nurture our art and friendships. My studio is awaiting your visit!!!

  5. Perhaps your belt shrank. If you lock access to your purse, then you will waste precious time by constantly breaking into it … unless you wish to develop your skills in safe cracking and lock picking. Cookies should always be available, it’s the amount consumed that might be a problem.

    Not only is it wise not to say anything negative about someone, it helps to avoid people who do. It’s a bad habit that’s easy to acquire. Talk about things, not people. If someone truly deserves to be called a horse’s ass, though, I usually have no problem mentioning the resemblance.

    Thanks for all of the wonderful links!

  6. Ronnell, you are a gem! Once more I thank you for your generous enthusiasm for my efforts – and as always it’s a joy to explore your treasure trove of work and words. I love your blogroll, what a fab idea, I must copy you shamelessly as soon as I have time to spend on mine (which gets a woeful amount of attention)…

    I thank you again for cheering me this morning as I attempt to get back into working mode and find your posting in my email. May your New Year be as luscious and laden with a feast for the eyes as the last.

  7. What a funny and thought-provoking post to read first thing in the morning! You are a treasure. And now I’m going to check out the artists you highlighted.

  8. Wonderful links, thankyou!
    Happy New Year and thankyou for being such a supportive and regular visitor, I have so enjoyed your work…both paintings and your words.
    I think you are closer to your last goal than you care to give yourself credit for. 😉

  9. Ronell, thank you for sharing the positive attitude resolution/intention. An attitude that we all would be well to adapt. I LOVE not only your “list” but the drawings that you’ve done to go along with them! Hope you have a very wonderful year!

  10. I am just finding your blog and am blown away by it! Beautiful! I love the way you say no resolutions (so much me) but “an attitude change”! That really spoke loudy what I have felt. And your change in attitude – I love it. You are very inspirational, and I plan on being back here regularly.

    Happy New Year!

  11. Here, Here Ronell – I am with you all the way – Perfectly stated in word and work – Happy New Year to you- may all life’s joys be within your reach.

  12. I have to say that I really, really like your “unresolution resolutions.” Just perfect.

    I also want to be more like your friend. What a great quality.

  13. Happy new year again, Ronell! You have such a tender heart, I can’t imagine your saying unkind things anyway.
    Thanks for pointing the way to that lovely work!

  14. Happy New Year Ronell!
    I like your to do list and the humor found in it. So much more interesting than the to do lists I make. 😀 And I love the series of beautiful sketches that go with it. I think you are a storyteller at heart. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy visiting your blog.
    Now I’m off to check out the links you provided.

  15. Good luck with your challenges–I enjoyed seeing them illustrated! And thank you for sharing these interesting artists whose work I hadn’t seen before. Also thank you for all the generous comments you’ve left for me on my blog this year. I really treasure your feedback and only wish I had more time to comment on yours more often.

  16. Ronell……again, Happy New Year! I hope you attain all your wishes for 2008. The watercolor ‘to do’ list is fabulously wonderful and puts a smile on my face each time I see it!
    Thank you so much for your kind comments in your post.
    Always love visiting your blog. D

  17. I love your New Year’s resolution sketches, Ronell, and as always, your caring and thoughtful words. Thanks for the wonderful links…..will check them out now.

    A Happy New Year to you and your family.

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