23 thoughts on “To a 2008 filled with creativity, individuality, hard work and exhilirating results!

  1. Cheers, Ronell! I will drink to that! And, thank you for sharing your exquisite art and prose with us!! As always, this is a wonderful painting!

  2. And the same to you! Do me a favor and drink my champagne for me so I won’t suffer a serious headache while becoming quite silly.

    Love your champagne painting! Wonderful style, colors, and composition.

  3. I get no kick from Champagne (yes, I do) but I get a kick out of you (and this painting)… with apologies to Irving Berlin, or whoever it was who wrote the song! It’s so effervescent and perfect for bringing in the new year!
    Thank you and Happy 2008 to you and your family, dear Ronell!

  4. Fabulous painting, Ronell!

    May 2008 be a year full of art challenges, learning new techniques, fun and lots o Blog visits. Corny, but sincere!

    Happy New Year!

  5. I’ll drink a glass to that toast, Ronell. I look forward to another year of your lovely art, interesting posts, beautiful photography and delicious recipes. You are such a Renaissance woman!

  6. Lovely painting, Ronell. Your art is much grown this year. Are you planing an exhibition in 2008? You should! May the next year be as wonderful as the last. Bonne année!

  7. This is so lovely, the colors are so rich and vivid and I enjoy the loose and festive feel of the painting. Bravo! Happy New Year to you Ronell!

  8. Cheers and a Happy New Year to you also, Ronell! I look forward to another year of your wonderful sketches (such as this one) and your words of wisdom. (((Hugs)))

  9. I’ve been meaning to come and leave a comment on this watercolour. It’s one of my favorites that you’ve done lately. I love how the blues and orange just vibrate, bubble, fizz and explode! I can see this one matted, framed and hung on the wall! REally beautiful Ronell

Tthank you for your visit and comment, II appreciate it!

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