Pen and WC in moleskine.

 Thank you to these nice and creative artists,  Claudia, Lin, Diahn, Bonny and Teri, for the following awards;



Read more about the awards here. 

I couldn’ fall asleep last night…again. I suppose I’m still on US Eastern time. So I had a coffee and that always gears me into thinking mode.

Nice people. Creative people. All kinds of people. We have them all in our lives.

I have many nice people in my life, inspiring me, encouraging me, pushing me and even sometimes bringing out the best in me by NOT being nice! I’d like to give the Nice matters-award to Tonniece, from tonyzworldofart. Ever since I met her here on the art blogosphere, she has shown me that Nice really Matters. She is from Ontario, Canada and loves reading and drawing, card making and spending time with family.

To sum up creativity for me, I’m taking a quote from Robert Henri’s book, The art spirit: “When the artist(I use creativity) is alive in any person, whatever his kind of work may be, he becomes an inventive, searching, daring, self-expressing creature. He becomes interesting to other people. He disturbs, upsets, enlightens, and he opens ways for a better understanding. The world would stagnate without him and the world would be beautiful with him, for he is interesting to himself and he is interesting to others.” The Creative blogger-award I would like to give to Sarah, from biteyourowntail. She lives in the UK and being the creative person I think she is, she loves to experiment, among other things, which you’ll see on her blog.

So, I raise my coffee and I drink to all people nice and creative….well, actually, I would like to raise my cup and simply drink to all kinds of people!

11 thoughts on “Over a coffee with all kinds of people.

  1. I’ll join you in that cup of coffee and salute them as well. I too am constantly encouraged by people near or half way across the world. I would be on this journey solo but it is much nicer to have an entourage……..I love Henri’s book also and lent my copy out once and never got it back….time to buy a new one I think.

  2. There’s a song I love called Dogs are the Best People. I think Art Bloggers are way up there too! Lovely to have you back in your rightful place, Ronell: creating, writing, visiting, encouraging. Your awards are well deserved.

  3. What beautiful watercolors! I love the colors in the cup above and also the red flowers below. It would be interesting to find out more about your color mixes – and also about how WordPress compares to Blogger!

  4. I have to say again your new blog is such a delight. So clean and organized, it’s a pleasure to visit.

    Congratualtions on your well deserved awards, and thank you for sharing the coffee. Your beautiful loose style and rich colors never fail to inspire.

  5. Hi Ronell

    You so deserve them and so many more for your awesome talent, your wonderful personality, and the friendship that you so freely share with everyone. So…….. WOW!….. I feel so honoured to get this award from you. Thank you so much. I’ve been missing in action for a bit, and was just thrilled to find that you had given it to me.
    Thanks again.

    Love the new blog look, it’s so easy going and pleasing to the senses.

    Have a super weekend

  6. Ooh Ronell, lovely work and I like your new home. I’ve seriously been thinking of moving too, but the thought of all that packing and unpacking is daunting me rather.
    You’re right, though, change is GOOD.


  7. I really like your new home! Congrats on recieving some wonderful and well deserved awards. And gosh, you make coffee look tempting… 🙂

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