Like all of us, I have many little joys in life. One of them is to put some flowers in a container and marvel at its beauty. One flower, a whole bunch, a leaf or a branch, they all give pleasure.

For the kitchen; The last of the hydrangeas in an old wash basin. Their colours have turned into an old green, speckled with deep red and a dirty pink.

WC on Fabriano HP, 23 x 30,5 cm ( 9 x 12″)

For the living room; A Huge glass vase overflowing with lilies…

WC on Fabriano CP, 23 x 30,5cm (9 x 12″)

On the outside table; White hyacinths in a soapstone pot..

23 x 30,5 cm (9 x 12″)

And last but not least, some twigs and leaves…done at Casey’s

21 thoughts on “Some of my joys…

  1. Spectacularly beautiful! If there is such an expression. I love hydrangeas and need to learn how to paint all of the little petals in all of their colors. Any advice?

  2. So finally, I have responded to the award – thank you again, I’m honoured. I hope you found my comment on your about page.

    You’ve been so busy – I love the new blog! funnily enough I have a wordpress blog all waiting for me to take up residence – soon I hope.

    Must say I like the twigs and leaves most of all – it’s that splash of turquoise against the deep magenta-y pink.

  3. Hi there, I love your new site, its awesome!!! Your work and recipes are the best too. Do you prefer wordpress over the others? There are so many I would like to have some better features and think about changing but then the time factor makes me rethink it. Lots of work, I think this site looks great with lots to offer. I am glad youre home.

  4. Oh…I agree….flowers are one of those great simple pleasures in life. Actually, I especially love the twigs and leaves at Casey’s. The simplicity is beautiful

  5. Ronell! These flowers are BEAUTIFUL. You have such a way with them…your love of flowers shows. You have a lovely, expressive looseness.
    Ihope to meet you in France some time!!! I’ve applied for pass ports.

  6. Ronell I could tell your work ANYWHERE!!!!
    Bagsy the lillies. (That means I’ve claimed them before Robyn comes back and takes more than the hydrangeas)

    They are all wonderful, your loose technique really flatters the flowers and your warm, fun personality somehow shows through on each and every one.

  7. Hey! you changed the look of your blog. I like it! your floral paintings are wonderful as well. so loose and fresh!! flowers are wonderful to enjoy around the house. I had an aunt who placed flowers everywhere… and she always had a teeny tiny arrangement at the bathroom sink– I always loved that! so cheerful.

  8. I just love the way you paing so loose and just wonderful. The new blog is so great watercolor and recipes what could be betterI ask/
    Have a great day.

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