I welcome you to the new Africantapestry!

I’m looking forward to trying all new things on this blog and I hope you’ll hop on up along for the ride.

My email, as well as my name “Africantapestry” will stay the same. The only thing that will change is my sign-in name, which will be from now on “Myfrenchkitchen”. You’ll probably notice it on the comments I leave…I’ll still be me though! I only have one account now for both my foodblog(myfrenchkitchen) and my artblog(Africantapestry)

So, here I am, busy unpacking my art stuff and starting fresh!

See you soon!


19 thoughts on “…and welcome to the new…!

  1. I like this new blog very much. The design is clean and friendly, and the art really pops out. I’m pleased to find out that you enjoy painting food as much as I do. Your art is lovely and your stories are inspiring.

  2. Looking forward to seeing how the new blog develops. Certainly has a nice layout. Anyway, if it’s only half as good as that last one, it will still be one of my must-reads…and more likely it will be even better! Good luck with it, anyway.

  3. I like the changes! Is it good to be home? As good as you had hoped? I hope you found all well! The couple of pics that I have seen of the briefcases are really good!!!!

  4. Smashing sketch of the bag, Ronell. Very classy looking blog too. I’d love to be able to create categories of subjects on my Blogspot. Consider yourself bookmarked and linked!

  5. Welcome to your new bloghome, Ronell! And welcome back to your home in France too. Looking forward to more of your gorgeous writing and painting. I’ve bookmarked your new site.

  6. Congratulations on the new blog! Oh, I’m going to take my time as promised and finish off my evening here. I loved your elegant exit from the old one and the sofisticated entrance to the new…..tres chic!
    I love your satchel and am resisting the temptation to reach in and see what other goodies you’ve got in there! I hope your return home was safe and that you will soon settle back into your lovely routine that we all enjoy seeing and hearing about!

  7. I like WordPress so much more than the other ones, especially when you want to comment on someone’s art but can’t see it on the same page as the commenting window. You’ve done a nice job making a combo website/blog and the design really shows off your wonderful drawings and paintings!

    I’m curious about the gallery pages you created. Are you uploading all your artwork directly to WordPress rather than using Flickr? Was it a lot of work to make the galleries and do you have to remember to post each picture in its gallery and on a post? Will you have to pay for extra storage in order to keep all artwork on WordPress? I started putting all my artwork on Flickr and then copying it on to WordPress back before WordPress had extra storage available and I was afraid I’d use my limit.

Tthank you for your visit and comment, II appreciate it!

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