Into some food sketching

The old year and all its festive eating are behind us and the new year awaits us with our resolutions and new plans and dreams As happens every year, I am slow off the mark and January is a month in which I am somewhat lost. I idle and can’t move into a chosen direction. Maybe it is the aftermath of a great time spent with my family and this year was extra special with us all being in the Haute Savoie in the Alps. My soul is still dwelling there in the snow and vagabonding the beautiful peaks.

I did however succeed in picking up some watercolor this afternoon, capturing the shrimps that will be our dinner. and why not a few shitakes mushrooms along with it.


watercolor and Prera pilot pen in Alpha series sketchbook, 22.9×15.2cm

shrimps..Shitake mushrooms..

watercolor and Prera pilot pen in Alpha series sketchbook, 22.9×15.2c


Goodbye 2014, hello 2015.

I don’t believe in a “bad year”. Every year has its good, its bad and its ugly and when push comes to shove, we can choose what to remember. I had many bad moments, but the good times were so much more and better. Those are the ones I will remember.

May you all remember the good times and have a great 2015.

Bonne année 10001Bonne année 20001Bonne année 3-001 …à bientôt!…