I haven’t had time to post my drawings from the afternoons with Casey the last two weeks, so here follows…

The first drawing was done at her house and she set up some beautiful statues. I had fun with this. I always have fun doing statues. I find they can hold long poses…

This drawing was done in graphite 9b, on drawing block, 50×35 cm.

…hold it, hold it..

This second drawing was last week and I set up some bottles, thinking I could at the same time play around with “different strokes”, which is the theme of Robyn’s book in our international sketchbook exhange. I enjoyed all the themes of the books and it revealed a little of each book’s owner, which made every book so unique. In this case, I can picture Robyn as someone with a whole variety of “different strokes”, making her interesting, lively with a great sense of humour and strong personality. So to come up with something for her book, “Different strokes”, I played around with this next drawing, which isn’t going into her book, but it did lead me down the path to the eventual pages I am busy adding to her book. And following the advice of her wise bee, I am also having fun doing it!

Drawing done in graphite, watercolour pencils, charcoal pencil, white conté, coffee, chocolate cake…ah…no, that was for eating..

…in search of different strokes…

I have also finally sent Lindsay’s canoe home, with a sniff and a blink… She’ll defintely post her whole book soon, but if you want to catch a glimpse of her canoe, see Captain’s log.


14 thoughts on “Drawing in graphite

  1. Really like your graphite sketch, the statue almost looks like it’s giggling as you draw. Not sure if this was the intention but it works for me.

    The pen and wash also have a nice feel to them. Will have to take a look through your work, I like drawings from life!


  2. Wow–that statue is beautiful! I’m always fascinated at how two people communicate the same thing so differently, and I love both yours and Casey’s rendition of this one. They’re gorgeous! Your bottles are lovely, too, as are all your images! Happy Halloween. ;))

  3. Now we can never meet, Ronell because you will be so disappointed in me! However, in future I’m going to try to be more like the me you imagine 🙂

    I’m very excited that I may get a mixed media drawing in the style of these bottles from you and I’d be delighted if it were something from your wonderful kitchen. So much to look forward to!

    Great to see you and Casey having your drawing afternoons again and I love the impish expression you’ve captured on the little statue.

  4. These are stunning, Ronell! FRom the still life to that incredible statue — girl, you do some incredible work!!!!! Keep ’em coming — I’m missing your wonderful art!

  5. Your statue is amazingly expressive–almost flirtatious! I also, love the way to are able to paint glass–the way you make it so we can see inside. Wonderful!

  6. I feel like an echo– because the folks above have said it all– but I do love it when you and Casey get together for sketching and painting, and it IS fun to see your different artistic “takes” on the same subjects.

    That said, I also agree that the beauty in Flying Pictures has us all flying along. The only thing missing is that we can’t see them “in person” as every one of us longs to do.

  7. So glad you and Casey are back to drawing together again! I only wish I could be there with you ;D. Love your still life sketch, so full of energetic, Ronellian lines!

  8. What is that interesting format??? This looks so cool and I can see it soon!!!!
    Very exciting. And I’m wishingI could be out there with you and Casey!

  9. I agree with Lisa how expressive and flirtatious your statue is. You guys have inspired me to look for some statues or casts to draw. I admire how you’ve done your shared books with such joy. I felt too intimidated to participate since it seemed like the ultimate blank page challenge only in someone else’s book.

  10. Well done Ronell! You absolutely caught the expression on that statue that always eludes me! This reminds me that I never posted the glass jar – I’ve been way too distracted lately.

  11. Nice statue and I really like your bottle sketch Ronell– it’s so lively! The book project looks wonderful too. It’s so great that you and Casey sketch together!!!!

  12. I’ve not been visiting my fav blogs in a while. . . sure missed looking at your wonderful art. Your graphites are amazing — but then, I think ALL your work is. I especially like the bottles, what a terrific composition and your line work is phenomenal!

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