I am filled with nostalgia lately. I’ve already put up my Christmas tree, I remember people from long ago, I recall precious moments, I miss family and friends,  I long for the smell of the African bush, I dream of jeeps and khaki hats, I listen to the sounds of the wildlife on CD, I walk around in the house snorting like the rhino, growling in the voice of the lion at nighttime … I feel savage.

Maybe it started when I had to draw my pages in Robyn’s Different strokes in our FPP, and I thought of all the different strokes our lives produce in one lifetime. So I gave her one of my strokes…one of my dreams, one of my loves, one of my yearnings…


Done in charcoal, coloured pencils, watercolour pencils, white conté and a wash here and there.

21 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. J’aime beaucoup la femme salvage! I can see you ‘prowling’ about the bush in your khakis. Moi, aussi j’adore les éléphants!
    I love this little mixed media piece of yours.

  2. So beautifully drawn – you’ve caught that ancient, wise look perfectly, and yes, can sense your longing for the bush. Those FPs are amazing – what treasures!

  3. He is one Gorgeous Guy. Good to see him so large and full of life. As Cathy says, you have captured that “ancient, wise Look, perfectly.”

  4. I love this elephant! He is wonderful and Robyn is so very lucky to have him in her book. I love the textures and here and there washes and his mouth full of food. Fabulous!

  5. Ek stem saam…sien die verlange in jou weerga… ek stuur vir jou pic’s van ons noue ontkoming met ou grote in die bos …colxx

  6. I knew this beautiful elephant was a special when I first saw him, now I’m hoping that he will work his magic on me when he arrives and I too will be snorting like the rhino and growling like the lion.

    Missing home and loved ones can bring one down and I’m particularly vulnerable at the moment as the grey winter rolls over all that was so recently warm and golden. But I’m not going to curl up and whimper – you’ve inspired me to roar and growl … and smile.

    Your drawings are treasures, Ronell and I’m thrilled they are for me.

  7. Such a wonderful elephant, I love the texture you have captured. Thanks for visiting my blog recently, I have missed your comments. We have all gotten so busy, I miss the little visits from my online art friends, so dear to me too! I find I feel comfortable and welcome here, its is always so inviting.

Tthank you for your visit and comment, II appreciate it!

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