It is raining outside, proper weather for a nice tajine, which I already have simmering on the stove. In my atelier corner, stands a vase with white hibiscus from the garden and in my Stillman and Birnsketchbook, a sketch of those hibiscus flowers.

HibiscusAfter turning the sketch around several times, I felt finally that it looks better upside down, as in the image below. when looking at the top picture the eye wna&ts to get in at the top right corner and run down diagonally towards the bottom. Most of the time it feels uncomfortable to let the eye travel from the top to bottom. It feels more natural to travel from the bottom , upwards, over the painting and out, which is what happens in the upside down version, bottom sketch.

Hibiscus 1

à bientôt


8 thoughts on “Hibiscus in watercolour.

    1. Monique – It is really “carnet style” to work on 2 pages…quite the hype lately. I see you goit the Stllman and Birn sketchbook. they are great, have a look at them on their wbsite..different sizes and types of paper. I use the alpha, Beta and Epsilon series for watercolor. Theydo buckle a bit, makes scanning complicated, but I don’t mind buckling in a sketchbook. I use loads of water too, so for me to not have buckling, I have to use at least 300 or even more, so it isn’t practical in a sketchbook. enjoy you S&B.

  1. You are so critical of your paintings, but after you explained about the eye being taken from top right to the bottom left, you are so right. either way it’s great… I’ve been away from painting for quite sometime, what with being busy with holiday-lets & back problem again, now I’m feeling refreshed after a few days away at the coast, it’s time I got my paints out, as my S & B Beta sketchbook needs filling.

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