I am struggling enormously with my sketching lately. The whole process of art doing in my atelier is actually on the struggle. My art has taken a dive for the worse, but hopefully it will resurface with vigor soon. In the meantime I just follow the giant Nike’s advice: “Don’t think, just do it”. All in all, I felt better after doing these sketches.

All sketches done in the Stillman & Birn, Epsilon series, 14×21.6cm with watercolor and pilot prera pen.


I sat in the square in Beaulieu, first doing the Wednesday morning market and afterwards the view down the street.

beaulieu market

I also did some people sketches while having a coffee. I find I have lately been moving into feathering again when drawing and I absolutely hate feathering. It always happens to me when I feel insecure in my art making. What I call feathering : I don’t draw a line in one go, I feather- feather in the direction I want a line to go, a lot of fiddling with shape and line…awful! It was good to get back into one line drawing, or rather sketching, by doing these people. they are wonky, but I feel good about the line work. More and more people don’t want to be the object of observation and I really try to respect that by being so discreet and unobtrusive as possible, making my observation a somewhat off the mark. I have to train my eye again to get to that discreet-drawing-level.

..pantalon rouge..

poeple at Cecil's 20001

..pantalon arc-en-ciel..

poeple at Cecil'sà plus


9 thoughts on “Beaulieu and people sketches

  1. Well I sympathize with you, Ronelle, if feathering gives you the itchy scratchies. But as for these sketches, I think they are fun and show people enjoying themselves in great locations–love the people under the trees, full of life .

  2. you might think you are struggling with your sketching, and you probably don’t want to hear it because its not very helpful but it doesn’t look like you are struggling. great sketches and nice colours to them 🙂

    I feather all the time when sketching with pen, just how I have adapted to problems sketching but I can see how it might be annoying/frustrating for other people 🙂

    1. Thanks Jennifer. Many people do “feather” and I like what they do, but when I do it, it looks like a chicken has scuffled through ink! I think I just don’t know how to feather creatively, hehe. We all have our way of doing art, and I wouldn’t want it any other way, that is what makes our work so unique..so keep on feathering and enjoy it. Maybe you can teach me how you do it?

  3. Great work! And as my graphic designer cousin always says “Sometimes you just have to draw a lot of shitty drawings before you get to the good stuff. So get at it!” And it’s true I can spend days drawing “zee merde” before I get to “zee bon.” As far as the feathering…I was told by all of my art teachers that it’s a lack of confidence in my drawing. But hey I just refer to my cousin’s eloquent quote and keep going. You do amazing work and I always enjoy seeing your art. It makes my day!! It’s beautiful! 🙂

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