We have more measuring tools in our home than we have food.  Fascinating stuff..all these rulers, square edges, the laser beams, the ultrasonic beams, I even have tiny pocket tapes for a handbag. An unending array of measuring tools, never to be found when needed

..measuring tools..

dip pen and Sennelier ink in S&B sketchbook, 14X21.6 cm


Lipstick. What does your lipstick, or lip balm say about you. Our good friend, Google, says the following:

  1. sharp angled tip:  opinionated, high spirited, hates schedules, outgoing, selective of friends, likes attention, argumentative…
  2. flat top: high morals, dependable, to the point, quick-minded, loves a challenge, careful about appearances…
  3. sharp angles on both sides:  spiritual, seeks attention, curious, mysterious, loves life, big ego..
  4. flat top, concave : great detective, make friends easily, inquisitive, adventurous…
  5. round, smooth tip: easy going, peacemaker, even-tempered,  steady, likeable, generous..

..5 lipsticks for 5 personalities..

dip pen and Sennelier ink in S&B sketchbook, 14X21.6 cm

5 lipsticks

à demain


7 thoughts on “EDM-art 16 & 18: Measuring tools and lipsticks.

  1. Ha ha – it’s like your lipsticks melted and dripped on the measuring tools. Really like it 🙂

  2. can never find either a ruler or measuring tape around here when you need one, even tho there are at least 6 of each in the house :p

    Even if I hadn’t of given up with the every day in may, (turned out to be busier than I thought I would be), I couldn’t draw the lip stick/gloss one. don’t own any :p

    1. Yes..I agree…it takes a lot of my time every day, but I hqve come so far, I may as sell finish it. A touch of lipstick is about all the make up I wear and I feel a bit dull xithout ut. 🙂

  3. I have a similar problem finding tapes & rulers etc. Great drawing.

    My lipsticks, when I remember to wear them, have different wear depending on colour. I wonder what that says about me.

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