September 8: Selfportrait.

I had no idea what to draw or paint today. If I weren’t so committed to my September project, I would’ve been on the couch, watching a movie. It is raining, it is cold and it is Sunday. On the best of Sundays, I feel blue and foul mooded. Today was no exception. The drawing says it all.


graphite on drawing paper (49,7x42cm)

selfportrait 2013 07-09-2013 19-09-17 2220x2773

à demain




  1. This self portrait is fabulous..I think you are beautiful..
    Your portrait .. does not show your beautiful smile that lights up a room though..and that changes everything:)
    I have seen you in personal photos.. you are a classic beauty.
    I read so many things that charmed me about looks..recently..One said that when you look at someone with so much is the face of God you see:)

    Another spoke of how critical we are upon self examination..(I could write a book in the last 3 yrs..)..but the author do not see yourself when you are looking at someone with your eyes filled with love and joy :)♥
    I am sure there is no better look for truer words:)
    I find kindness makes people terribly attractive too.
    And you I know are kind.

  2. Thank you everybody!
    à Sue..thank you…yes, it usually doesn’t last long!

    à Monique…you speak true words..a selfportrait is always a bit unnatural: looking in a mirror and painting at the same time..all selfportraits have that strict, almost depressed look! I usually look a bit friendlier..hehe!

    à Anita: Hi…I will be back soon on Myfrenchkitchen, just as soon as I finished my September painting project…thank you for taking a peep here!

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