I tend to be very boring when it comes to choosing daily outfits. I have only a few favorite outfits in which I feel comfortable, so comfortable that I tend to wear only those. One such a comfy piece of clothing, is this pair of Oxfords, my favorite winter shoes. I wear them with long skirts, with rolled up pants, with jeans, with woolen slacks..they go with everything and they walk everywhere. But don’t make the mistake thinking that I don’t love shoes..oh, I do, I do! It is a bit like art supplies..I want to have it all, thinking I’ll do better art, but in the end, only the basics can do the job. With shoes the same. I want them all, thinking I’ll look prettier, but in the end, only a few succeed in not making me walk around with a tortured expression on my face..back to basics.

..favorite Oxfords..

Watercolor pencil and watercolor on watercolor block, 18x26cm

winter shoes


à demain


3 thoughts on “September 7: Favorite Oxfords.

  1. I like these..In art class yrs ago.. we learned to sketch a bit..and I sketched my fave shoes at the time..worn espadrilles.. that even had a hole where my baby toe had worn it’s way through..I was actually ok with that sketch..I don’t think I have ever sketched anything I have liked since..
    Love your oxfords..
    I have old faves too:)
    Lets’ see if I can post today..
    Comment fais-tu ces éclaboussures que j’aime tant!
    Moi .. ce sont des petits Sprinkles qui apparaissent:)

    1. Thank you Monique. Shoes are always a good idea to draw…and hands. The splashes?..I use a big brush, loaded with wet pigment. Some I drop in large drops from a high distance above the paper. Others I make by shaking the brush so it makes small splashing drops. I will also stand the paper on its side on the table and splash from the top, so the splashes/drops have downward direction…turn the paper if you want the drops in all directions. I only paint aquarelle with one brush and I do everything with this one brush…a Rosemary & co kolinsky sable brush, 12. Hope it helps? Gros bisous Ronelle

      Ronelle Myfrenchkitchen Coin Perdu Africantapestry Caf des artistes

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