My artichoke plants are reaching enormous dimensions and the artichokes are beautiful. Some land in the kitchen and some stay on the plant to seed into beautiful blue purple flowers.


watercolor and pen in watercolor le coq watercolor sketchbook, 19x19cm

artisjokke Skets

Three small olive trees in terracotta pots on the table..Hopefully not too long before I’ll have a tiny olive grove…that will be something! But for the time being I’ll indulge in the terracotta pots.

…three olive trees…

watercolor and pen in watercolor le coq watercolor sketchbook, 19x19cm

oliviers sketse

The past two years have been difficult in terms of painting, sketching and it is clear..tight, tight, the work! I am leaving for a few days in Provence, very quick there and back. The sketchbooks are packed and I hope to squeeze in some sketches. No better place than Provence to stimulate the creativity again.

…à bientôt…


6 thoughts on “Artichokes ands olive trees.

  1. Have fun..enjoy it all..I am in love with the 3 olive tree pots and the chairs..I fell in love w/ those in Provence..My friend Nancy gave me an Olive has brown into a multi branched bush:)

    Not topiary like..I hope it will live forever!

    They are rare to find here..

    Anyways just to sayl I love both but the trees.. SO much a reminder of our stay there..

  2. Great sketches! I know just what you mean when saying this year has been difficult in terms of painting!! 😉
    Tell me now, do you watercolour paint then sketch with ink or the opposite? I always start with ink assuming everybody did too, but then looking at your sketches today, i got the feeling you had started with paint instead…?

    1. Hi Cathy….thank you!
      I sketch different ways. Lately I am a bit all over the place, starting off in light, rough pencil lines, because I feel a bit hesitant, not sketching so much as I used to. Normally I start off directly in pen/ink, or in watercolor and add ink lines later.

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