I had some lunch at a small restaurant close by and sketched my lunch of a vegetable soup, coffee and the surrounding salt and pepper set.

…vegetable soup and bread

pencil, pen and watercolor in Daler rowney sketchbook

The coffee sketch was my first and when I tell you that I had a very upsetting experience just before I arrived at the restaurant, you’ll understand why the lines are so dark and the whole sketch is sombre and almost violent. I’m always amazed by the strong influence emotion has on art.

The salt and pepper set was the last sketch and you can see that my emotion has settled a bit by that time. It did my a world of good to do these drawings…therapeutic.

…vegetable soup…

pencil, pen and watercolor in Daler rowney sketchbook

…coffee and water with cpeculoos biscuit…

pencil, pen and watercolor in Daler rowney sketchbook

10 thoughts on “Some lunch sketches.

  1. Amazing to see the range of emotions in these sketches. A great advert for the healing power of drawing – glad you were able to calm down between the coffee and the salt and pepper Ronelle!

  2. I’m pleased the drawing, and soup, helped calm you.

    Thank you for sharing these, I always I thought it was schizophrenia which is why I have different styles of sketching, but reflecting emotions is a nicer idea 🙂

  3. I’m becoming more convinced that emotions are what makes a drawing or painting sing, and yours are full of emotion. I’ve always thought that your drawings are full of joy.. the best emotion… and definitely the coffee sketch shows how emotion travels from the heart to the hands that hold the brush.

  4. It is amazing how our feelings can be seen in our art. That top sketch looks so tense, but you definitely were more relaxed as you did the others. Maybe that coffee took the edge off. Nice sketches of the items in front of you.

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