A sheep and lamb or two from our neighbors camp. If all goes well and I can convince my husband with my sweet puppy eyes, I might just have my own cute lambs this spring!

…Sheep and lambs 1…

pencil, pen and watercolor in Daler  Rowney sketchbook CP, 254x178cm

…Sheep and lambs 2..

pencil, pen and watercolor in Daler  Rowney sketchbook CP, 254x178cm

14 thoughts on “Sketches of cute sheep.

  1. Tes poules sont belles aussi..J’adore!I think I recognize them:)
    I have spotted sheep here and will photo soon..

    Love their expressions..You caught them spot on!

  2. Chickens, sheep, horses, cats…love them all Vivien!

    Thank you Paula, .I DO love whimsy..

    Monique, spotted sheep? I am looking forward to seeing them…now there is a chance for you to sketch them too!

    Thank you for stopping by everybody.

  3. These paintings are charming! There are many new baby lambs in the fields near where I live, too. It’s cold and wet in Oregon right now, not the best time for a farm animal to enter the world. I hope their wool coats keep the babies warm.

  4. Oh, I am sure if you flutter your eyes at him, you will have those sheep. I love those chickens in your banner! Such great stuff. I am in love with these farm animals. Now all I need is a farm! 🙂


  5. Gorgeous sheep, lamb and chickens – I can imagine sitting there next to you as you sketch. I hope you get your little flock – flutter, flutter!

  6. Yes, Sharon, so strange…here too..very young lambs, one would think it spring! I just want to take them indoors..

    Hey Susan…baa-ing…just how they do it…and me sometimes too..

    Hehe, Dana, I agree, would be wise to first get the farm then the animals!

    Cathy, Hartman has no defense against my “flutter, flutter”…I have him just where I want him, so I’m pretty sure about my spring flock!

    Sue, how right you are! I had a look after your comment and yes…April and Easter. I will just have to paint them again during Easter!

    I know you love sheep robyn…and birds…and would also like to take them ALL indoors. We are suckers, you and I!

    thank you everybody!

  7. I like how you did these so loosely!!! Good job! I saw on Facebook that you had a bit of snow. The weather over there has been a bit strange. Hope you get a chance to paint it.

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