I’ve been neglecting my sketching and I can feel it clearly in my wrist. Stiff and uncomfortable. Unsure. Hesitant.

…colors and foliage of November – yellow greens…

..watercolor and pen in watercolor sketchbook, 15,5x25cm..

I’m back at Coin Perdu for a painting sabbatical. Only me, my art and my soul. I’m staying in the barn, made many changes and it is now more of an atelier than anything else. We surely won’t receive any visitors during winter, so I’m set with my easels and paints around a huge fireplace which burns day and night to provide me with heat. It is actually good to be a little on the cold side. It keeps my brain from being too comfortable and become lazy and my body needs to move and work constantly to keep my metabolism up. It helps with my neglected sketching, because my doodles are starting to turn into sketches. I will bounce back. I always do.

There is no better way to get back into sketching than using what is in abundance around us. Nature. and if it is too cold outside, we can even bring nature inside. Which is what I’ve done with the following three sketches. Going for walks and picking up.

…foliage and colors of November – burgundies…

..watercolor and pen in watercolor sketchbook, 15,5x25cm..

…colors and foliage of November – umbers…

..watercolor and pen in watercolor sketchbook, 15,5x25cm..

This will be my excercise for some time…trying to capture nature in its colors of Autumn and winter..with additions of whatever is moving and living during these months around Coin Perdu.

Until next time…keep warm in the Northern hemisphere and enjoy the summers seasons elsewhere!


14 thoughts on “Colors and foliage of November 1

  1. Lovely to see your post and work..and what a romantic setting you depict:) A big fireplace.. pens,brushes ,inks and paints..all cozy in a barn..away from it all..
    Your wrists seem nimble and agile to me~

  2. Hi Ronelle
    Love them all, but the burgundies are my fave. Great to see you doing your art again in what appears to be a heavenly space.


  3. What a good reminder to notice what’s under my nose and draw/paint what I see and love… all the beautiful leaves both on the tree and underneath are just waiting for my pen and brush. Thanks for showing us these lovely drawings. It doesn’t look like you are a bit rusty.

  4. So glad that you are back at Coin Perdu, enjoying the season and the scenery– AND that fireplace–while you explore the last of Autumn. I agree with everyone that your work is not a bit rusty, but just as expressive as ever.


  5. thank you so much for visiting and thank your for your support…it is truly appreciated. I have to admit that I’m having so much fun with these exercises and I can feel my creativity shooting loose…it is a great feeling!

  6. Just discovered your site, I’m also an artist, just moved to France, well ten months ago. Really like your free experessive work, no nonsense just good honest drawing and painting…love it

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