Picking up leaves on my walk by the Loire resulted in autumn sketches number II during our art afternoon earlier today.  This is what I did, while Marie-Christine continued working on her cheetah.

All my sketches were done in pencil, pen and watercolor sketchbook, 19x20cm

…yellows in autumn…

…reds in autumn…

With her permission, I photographed Marie-Christine’s painting this afternoon, to show the stage where it is at now…far from finished of course. It is an old painting that she is reworking: keeping the cheetah, and started changing the background, wanting to work towards a warm African feel with heavy skies. Looks good to me already so far!

..Marie-christine’s cheetah in progress…

oil on canvas

11 thoughts on “Autumn sketches II..leaves and Marie-Christine’s cheetah.

  1. Sure signs of autumn, Ronell, and so beautifully done on these last two posts. I love the many colors on the leaves
    and the tangles…

    Marie-Christine’s cheetah is coming along, isn’t it?


  2. beautiful colors of your leaves Ronell! Your painting always makes me smile.
    Tell Marie-Christine I think her cheeta painting is nice!

  3. Well, you already know how much I love your greens ~ and now your reds!

    I have really enjoyed looking at your last two posts.

    Is Marie-Christine your daughter? Great job on the cheetah!


  4. I love your work. It has inspired me to finally enroll in a journal sketching/watercolour course. In the past have done a little bit of drawing but am totally new to painting. I am having so much fun that I wanted to thank you for sharing.

Tthank you for your visit and comment, II appreciate it!

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