How to sketch/paint/draw/do any kind of art, when you’re in a slump.

I don’t know. I had such good plans when coming back from Hawaii and just suddenly, the pencil or brush refuses to do what I ask it to do. Not to mention the motivation that just disappeared into thin air. Why does this happen. How can it happen almost overnight? Why does it take so long to get back into it? And how to get back on track? Million dollar questions.

Loire sketces 1Oct

I walked up and down the Loire this morning. In the wind. With only a sketchbook and pen. Oh, and a coffee. Stopped at a little bench to finish the coffee and veil myself from the wind. But determined to get at least one or two sketches, I took the wooden steps down to the river.

Loire sketches 2 Oct

I sat on a sand bank  here and there and only scribbled down some small puddles with stones and grass and debris. The wind drove me home earlier than I desired and I gathered  leaves to take along. At home I indulged in a hot chocolate and gave a wash to the ink sketches, which I shouln’t have done. They definitely looked a bit better only in ink. I “overwashed”  them all and now I feel like I’ve been doing colouring in; I couldn’t stop…SIGH…but at least I didn’t scratch them out like I have been doing with all my artwork lately!

Loire sketches 3 Oct

17 thoughts on “Trying to sketch myself out of a slump

  1. Those steps, and the empty bench seem to say so much about where you are right now – good for you not to scratch them out, it’s all part of the journey! I love the tiny shadows on the grass stalks too, and the debris in the water… always so much to enjoy in your sketches Ronell

  2. au contraire! I love how you wash in color. Also, a question for you. I’ve seen your name with and without an e at the end – which is correct??

  3. Take it easy on yourself I’ve been where you seem to be, so annoyed with myself then I decided just show up and if it didn’t turn out so what, and all Of a sudden I was having fun. It took a while just messing around to start producing any thing I would call resolved.

    I admire you getting out to sketch, I always say I will do that but No, it doesn’t happen. So just be happy your creativity shows.

    How is the cooking going? I always think that is like making visual art.

  4. Just LOVE your “overwashed” leaves Ronell, as well as the stones and debris! You’re well on your way out of the slump!

  5. Thank so kindly you for the support – it helps so much having that!
    Pam – both spellings are correct. You’re not the only one who gets confused. It is a long story, but they are both correct ..he he!
    Diana – the cooking is always fun. Actually, that is what I’ve let myself just enjoy these past few weeks!

  6. Hi Ronell
    I haven’t commeneted for ages simply because I found bloggin overwhelming (I still subscribe though and I began a new blog).

    But that’s enough about me, I want to give you a talking to (in the best possible way) – give yourself a break woman! So you made some bad sketches – everyone does! It’s okay – it’s part of the process. I draw every single day. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad – and sometimes (ugh!) it’s mediocre. So what. You cannot realistically expect everything you do to be ‘perfect’. It’s impossible. Drop the high standards and focus on the process – try drawing without looking at the paper – I’ve spent a year doing this and it’s made me way more accepting of everything I do. And anyway, if you are willing to make a mess, good things tend to happen.

    So there 😛

  7. Well if it didn’t do it for you the way you hoped, it sure enough lifted ME out of MY slump. I love those steps
    leading to a river adventure… the tattered leaves blowing
    around, little clumps of grasses by the water…and a bench to sit on and drink coffee…vignettes of all the lovely little
    moments in your day which become moments in our own day,
    awash (NOT OVERwashed) with wind and sun. The watercolor touches it off.

  8. I know perfectly well how you feel! But let me tell you your sketches are great, and reflect on the season colour… I can almost be there with you in these november wet and dull days, with the dead leaves and the empty benches! You sketches evoke so much, it’s unbelievable!

  9. Sorry you’re slumpy again, but these sketches were a pleasure to see. I enjoyed the color and even the bits of struggle present in the sketches. It’s good that you’re showing up to your sketchbook, so that just in case inspiration hits again, you’ll be there to enjoy it!

  10. Ronelle/Ronell, “Million dollar questions” sure does say it. I seem to be in a slump more than I am not 🙂 but these sketches are so lovely. I do like the way you splash color right on to the page as well as your lights and shadows. And like the others, you inspire me so much.

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