With these last few sketches I conclude the reportage on my trip to Hawai’i. Since then, back here at thome, so many things had happened that made my life so full with running around – all good and exciting things! Hopefully I can recount on some of it later – I have already told of Katherine’s delightful visit! And I’m trying my best to get into my atelier to do some “island inspired painting”, for which I still only have the ideas tolling about in my head and nothing on paper or canvas yet…  Why does time fly by so quick when we have  a lot to do? Why does time fly by so quick when we get older? Why does time fly by so quick when we are happy? Why does time fly by  so quick when life is good?

…across the lagoon…

hawaii 1

hawaii 3

hawaii 2

hawaii 4

Sketches done in pen and watercolour in moleskine.

Some art work from well known artists from Hawaii:

1. Susan McGovney Hansen: (I can’t find a website of her, but you can try google her)

Susan Mcovney Hansen 1  hula dancer - m Hansen 87

2. Suzy Papanikolas – who “makes Hawaii’s people come alive” by telling astories with color and canvas.. You can read and see more about her artwork on her website – www.papanik.com

Susan Papanikolas 1 Susan Papanikolas 2

3. Calley O’Neill. See more about her at her website – Calley O’Neill

4. Yvonne cheng, who also does batik. See more about her on Cedar street galleries

The three graces - Calley O Neil 1988 Yvonne Cheng - batik

You can see some more art pieces here on Myfrenchkitchen: Travel.

18 thoughts on “Hawai’i: sketches and chronicles 3.

  1. I’ve been asking myself those same questions for a while, but I have no answers… I live your Hawaii sketches, especially the fist one, with the water reflections, and the last one, of the moving palm tree. They suddenly reminded me of Corto Maltese’s books (I love those drawings!)

  2. These beautiful sketches give a taste of Hawaii. Thanks so much for sharing them. The vividness of colour and light is wonderful.

    And the portraits of Hawaiian people are fabulous. I want to go there!

  3. Thanks so much for coming by my wc blog! I love your work! Love it! Adding you to my sidebar. It’s another mad week but looking forward to perusing your site at length shortly. Happy day!

  4. Lovely, as always.
    A while back…you said green was difficult. Well, from where I am sitting I’d say you’ve got a perfect green in that bottom palm. (And in this case I DO know what I’m saying as I have palms visible from every window!)

  5. I’ve been missing your posts. Silly me just had Coin perdu on my daily feed list! Your sketches of Hawaii are stunning. And, how fun to be distracted by a friend, Katherine’s visit!!

  6. I love Hawaii, I am so glad that you were able to visit. I have enjoyed following your sketches – it has been 12 months since I was there and I am missing it a lot.

  7. Love these little slices of life in Hawaii–thanks for the mini-vacation! Beautiful, Ronell. It’s so true–time speeds by when you’re happy, doesn’t it!!?

  8. Hi Ronell, I am so glad you had a terrific time in Hawaii. I can’t imagine it any other way. You have made your paintings so ‘island’ by capturing the light and freedom of the windblown palms and the sparkle of the clean air filled with light.

  9. Ronell, I love your Hawaii sketches. For me they are a preview of what is to come. I am in the process of planning our Hawaiian get-away this winter. I’ll be traveling with my husband, our kids and my parents so I don’t know how much (if any!) time I’ll have for making sketches and enjoying quiet contemplation. But I will try to make up for it by taking many, many photographs. We will also be staying in the Kona area and have rented an ocean front condo there. Then we will move to Maui where we are staying in a hotel so the kids can experience the fabulous pool. I can’t wait! After seeing your wonderful sketches, I am definitely going to take the optimistic approach and pack my sketching materials.

Tthank you for your visit and comment, II appreciate it!

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