Trying to sketch myself out of a slump

How to sketch/paint/draw/do any kind of art, when you’re in a slump.

I don’t know. I had such good plans when coming back from Hawaii and just suddenly, the pencil or brush refuses to do what I ask it to do. Not to mention the motivation that just disappeared into thin air. Why does this happen. How can it happen almost overnight? Why does it take so long to get back into it? And how to get back on track? Million dollar questions.

Loire sketces 1Oct

I walked up and down the Loire this morning. In the wind. With only a sketchbook and pen. Oh, and a coffee. Stopped at a little bench to finish the coffee and veil myself from the wind. But determined to get at least one or two sketches, I took the wooden steps down to the river.

Loire sketches 2 Oct

I sat on a sand bank  here and there and only scribbled down some small puddles with stones and grass and debris. The wind drove me home earlier than I desired and I gathered  leaves to take along. At home I indulged in a hot chocolate and gave a wash to the ink sketches, which I shouln’t have done. They definitely looked a bit better only in ink. I “overwashed”  them all and now I feel like I’ve been doing colouring in; I couldn’t stop…SIGH…but at least I didn’t scratch them out like I have been doing with all my artwork lately!

Loire sketches 3 Oct