We had snow yesterday. Not very normal for us to have snow and so much of it, so it’s a big thing. Even bigger for me…what does a South African know about snow? I know when an elephant is going to charge… Last night at nine I even drove to the train station in the snow, forgot a little bit about brakes and speed when I got to the roundabout and slid “gently” into the curb. No problems, I was the only fruitcake out there. Off to the train station again early this morning, better equipped with common sense and humility and even dared turning off to buy a fish or two. I wanted to paint fish on this beautiful snowy day, inspired by Jeanette’s fish and then Katherine’s fish a while ago. I skidded home (safely) and took out those fish.

From top to bottom:  Dorade grise, Truite rose, Sardine bretonne. Done in watercolour and pen on Fabriano artistico HP.

…found in the snow…


23 thoughts on “Fish

  1. Happy New Year, Ronelle. Glad you and your lovely fishes made it home safely. Only you could make plain old fish look so beautiful!

  2. My nose wrinkles at the thought of fish as I do not like fish at all! LOL! But I do enjoy your watercolor of them and the story too! I went slipping yesterday on my walk. The sun was bright and fierce but the day bitterly cold (for us in so. calif). Stepping through the shadows I hit a section of ice on the sidewalk. I didn’t fall but was mindful the rest of the way home!

  3. Hi, I’m new to your artblog. I was intrigued by the fishes’ sketch on EDM and visited your site to had a look at all your work. I like your style and love the colours. Amazing!

  4. As a USA New Englander I Know snow well enough to say EEEKKK to your experience – and with every first snowfall we must learn all over again. BUT – those fish were well worth the trek – Glorious little buggers – and I hope you are with me the next time I encounter an Elephant!!!

  5. Your fish are wonderful! I always enjoy your food images, and this is another beauty! I haven’t driven in snow in a long time, so I’m sure I’d have been in trouble, too, if I’d been you! Glad you’re safe!

  6. Beautiful painting of these fish Ronell! You make them come alive again. I adore the colours.

    Snow. Its a fact of life here, but not fun if you’re not used to it. Stay safe.

  7. Brave Ronell. Courageous Ronell. And lovely lovely fish, Ronell. I am so glad not to have to drive in snow any longer.

  8. Oooh. I want to paint fish too. These are beautiful! I guess you have to work fast if you want to be able to eat the fish too (and not have them get stinky). Did you keep them on ice while you painted?

  9. Wonderful fish, Ronell. It’s a favourite subject for me, yet you’ve made them look so easy! You are a magician with that watercolour brush.

    I love snow but have never had to drive in it. I get sweaty palms these days driving in the rain. You should be very thankful you didn’t meet me on that roundabout 😉

  10. Wow! I like your new header banner.

    Just popping in to say how much I am enjoying your lively paintings. The New Year seems to have put some more ‘fizz’ into your work (not that it was exactly lacking energy before!)

  11. Thanks for visitng and your kind comments.
    Jana, it is so cold here, that I onmly kept them in the fridge when I didn’t use them. I also painted in my kichen, which isn’t heated(I don’ like heating in the kitchen) and therefopre abitr cooler than the atelier or the rest of the house. Anbd we didn’t eat them afterwards….wanetd to, but then I saw they weren’t descaled and I was in no mood to descale fish…so they are in the freezer for another drawing session sometime!

  12. eeeekkkk, i remember my first experience driving here in the uk in the snow when we emigrated from south africa 23 years ago…sooo scary. love the art.

  13. These fish looks great, I love your style. But where are you?? I haven’t seen anything since “Shadows”, hope all is well my undeletable friend.

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