When one’s mood is a bit off centre, contouring may help. It doesn’t help the mood, but it helps the drawing.

Stalking the cats with a pilot pen, just doing lines, not trying to achieve likeness, keeping the pen on the paper and the eyes on the subject. It helps a lot to loosen up.

Pilot pen, waterbrush in sketchbook.

…contouring the unwilling…



20 thoughts on “Contour lines

  1. Well, your contours have put MY mood in great shape, Ronell. I love that face in the middle of the first sketch.

  2. I LOVE these drawings. Why don’t I ever remember to play with contour/blind contour drawings? Probably because mine don’t look anything like this!

  3. Yes they do look a bit perturbed but you captured them anyway – Fun Post and your blind contour drawing whilst stalking is amazing!!

  4. Oh – I do like these. I do something similar with my cats insofar as they tend to be the only subjects I use indoors for blind contour drawings

    I love the use of the waterbrush with this.

  5. Some of those expressions are priceless, Ronell! They certainly don’t look willing – high dudgeon more like it but pure essence of cats.

  6. Goodness, I’ve been away too long. These have so much character – I love them! And I totally agree that contour drawing is a very good way of getting back into a calm state of mind and just learning to look and focus again. I often do some when my drawing has gone craggy and I’m feeling cranky.

  7. Ah, Ronell, i agree the contour drawings may not improve the mood, but boy is their looseness so pleasing to the eye! I like this kitty series — you’re inspiring me to dive in and draw my Marvin.

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